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Customer Reviews Of Hanse Ceramic & Porcelain Tile
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Tiles are very good-looking color, very bright color, very bright color, easy to scrub, one piece is very thick, very heavy, very good quality, the style of tiles is quite like Oh, good-looking, logistics is very fast, the quality is also very good.
Model: HS-1856
Tiles are very antiskid, and the logistics is fast! It's very good-looking as a whole after paving. The price of ceramic tiles is not expensive. It's much more cost-effective than some Peng and some horse. The quality is also the quality of the brand.
Model: HYH6185
Tiles bought more than 5000 things on the Internet for the first time. At first, they would worry a lot, but I was very surprised to receive the goods. The physical objects are much better than the pictures, and the quality is much better than I thought. Ceramic tile packaging is very good, the quality is very good, the color is bright, the hardness is strong, and Hanse describes the same.
Luis Perez
Model: HS614GN
The tiles have been received, but they haven't been laid yet. I feel that the service and quality are very reliable. I will receive the reward after laying them. The tiles are received, and the effect is very satisfactory. They are in harmony with the overall style of my family. They are much cheaper than the tiles of other brands. I will continue to support them next time.
Peyton Martin
Model: MD027T
Tile design is clear, the appearance is very atmospheric, there is no difference with the picture, and there is no peculiar smell. Tilers also said that my vision is good for decoration. The house area is small, and the color is very good. It seems that the house space is much larger, and the texture is not much, very satisfied. The quality of tile is also 1 big, - the quality of marble tile is very good! I like this cloud and smoke pattern very much! The glaze is smooth and even! Well received!
Hernan Gonzalez
It's a significant increase in the resale value of our house, and it's also our enjoyment. I like this tile very much. I also put it in the apartment next door, in the bathtub of the house we are building
Jorge Cortes Rodriguez
My wife and I paid to install this because the comments were right, it was a bit tricky to get the level, but after installation, it did look like wood, dressed well, and beautiful
In this project, we have installed 650 square feet of table top rust ceramic tiles, the total cost includes grouting and sealing, about 850 US dollars, if the ground is uneven, self leveling filler may be required
Amirreza Feyz
Model: 15814
Other brands of ceramic tiles have also been around, and online have also visited many homes. The choice is awesome with customer service communication, and the other side is more professional. Now that the goods have been received and all have been inspected, several of them are damaged. Fortunately, the problem is not serious, and they can be cut and used. High praise, the surface of tile floor tile is cut neatly, installed on the ground is very flat, the fit is very tight, the material quality is qualified, and the compression and wear resistance is good.
Janik Hoebers
The tile seller's packaging is very tight, the received tiles are intact, the tiles are very thick, the gloss is very good, the surface is also very flat, the size is also very standard, the tiles are very good, so we choose your home, the price is cheaper than ours, and we see the same material.

There's nothing more irresistible than discovering a fresh take on a classic style. So with that in mind, it’s pretty to see why these gorgeous glass tiles caught our eye. This beautiful Glass Mosaic Tile 300x300mm is manufactured in China, comes in a smooth, polished finish, featuring a white color with a random variation in tone to coordinate with many interior decors. The polished glass mosaic tile 300x300mm has semi-vitreous water absorption of more than 3% but less than 7% to suit your needs.

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