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Model: HKP715119C
Ceramic tiles are all glazed floor tiles for living room floor tiles. The materials are really selected, the workmanship is meticulous, the products of conscience are necessary for decoration, and the first choice is to buy. The style of ceramic tiles is very fashionable. It is planned to spread in living room and kitchen, and the price is acceptable.
Haziel Álvarez González
Model: 15818
The picture shows that it's more like a full brown, but it's not a mixture of gray, some dark gray and light brown. I take the dark gray off the tiles, paint my accent wall, and then use the light gray on the other walls
Alex Clarke
Model: HS-MB011
These tiles can cause major problems with your installation because they come in different sizes; the tiles that are sent to my house have 40 (140) boxes, which are a full quarter of an inch shorter than the others, making the installation impossible because it will completely deviate from the model, which marazi's representative said sounds like an industry standard
Noah Drost
Model: HB6001200
This model is the most beautiful one. All my customers like this color. Why do we need to pay $5 per box? This is ridiculous. I am a professional tile installer. The color code and size of this tile have changed from one box to another. The color has changed, the size has changed, and the quality is poor. I have installed this over 600 feet. No longer It won't work
Moises Perea
Model: HBF004
The tiles are well packed and delivered quickly. Check carefully that there are no quality problems. I'm also satisfied with the price. In a word, it's very cost-effective. I've already collected stores. I'll come again if I have a chance. Tile received, it was recommended by the next door neighbor. His house was decorated in front of my house. I saw that the tile of his house was very good. I asked for a link to buy it. It was really good, just as he bought it. The store delivered goods very quickly, and the packaging was very strong. This time, the logistics was a little slower. Fortunately, the store business communicated with the logistics in time, urging the goods to flow here. Thank you very much for the service of the store.
jesus diaz sandoval
Model: 15820
I have received the tiles. The quality of the floor tiles is very good. The patterns are very beautiful. The color is the same as Hanse's picture. It's the same quality compared with the entity, but the price of this house is too much cheaper. Tile quality is very good, beautiful appearance, plan to use this to decorate at home.
Yusuf Gürsoy
Model: PJ229
Received tile packaging is very good, no cracks, no scratched patterns and colors and home decoration are very match satisfaction is worth buying back, the size and thickness of tiles are qualified, the surface is smooth and glossy, and the adhesiveness is very good.
Model: HYH36011
Only after the completion of tile decoration, additional evaluation was issued, which was a very satisfactory online shopping. Both the style and quality are satisfactory. Very in line with my family's log style of home decoration style. Tile irregular slate is very distinctive quality is very good, the customer service of the manufacturer is very patient to explain the paving effect is very good, very satisfied need to buy again next time!
Droxler Bastien
Model: BRZ-4810H
The tiles are good, the lines are clear, compared with several types, it feels that the cost-effective is relatively high, recommended to buy, the quality of tiles and floor tiles is really good, very thick, very heavy, very smooth and no color difference.
Emiliano Ramírez reyes
Model: YQ1005
Before receiving the goods, I was afraid that the packaging was not good enough, the tiles would be damaged, the packaging was very tight after receiving, the tiles were intact, the surface was bright, the color and style were my favorite, I was really satisfied, the bathroom tiles were received, the color and quality were good, and the antiskid effect was also good.

There's nothing more irresistible than discovering a fresh take on a classic style. So with that in mind, it’s pretty to see why these gorgeous glass tiles caught our eye. This beautiful Glass Mosaic Tile 300x300mm is manufactured in China, comes in a smooth, polished finish, featuring a white color with a random variation in tone to coordinate with many interior decors. The polished glass mosaic tile 300x300mm has semi-vitreous water absorption of more than 3% but less than 7% to suit your needs.

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