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Customer Reviews Of Hanse Ceramic & Porcelain Tile
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Adam Jadeszko
Model: HO8153042
Tile received, the seller's packaging is very good, no damage, tile lines I like. The tiles are very thick and flat, and the workmanship is exquisite. The tiles are bright, glossy and antiskid. After cleaning, we will review it again.
Model: HB612F011
The tiles are as like as two peas in other brands, but the price is much more affordable online. The decoration Tilers also said that the tiles were received well, the outer packing was intact, the tiles were of good quality, the quality of the tiles was very good, the hardness and gloss were very high, and the tiles were smooth and smooth, very beautiful and the price was very affordable.
Ethan Ruttle
Model: MD038T
The service of ceramic tiles is excellent. There are many times of communication between them. They are very responsible. The logistics is also very fast. The quality of the tiles is very satisfactory. The effect of tiling is also very good. Ceramic tile received, very good, the seller delivers goods quickly, the quality is good, will also introduce the customer to come, the high praise.
Jose Cortez
Model: 15834
This tile is actually a scored tile with four identical quadrants, each with a large central star, which allows us to use it around the fireplace, which has an antique mantelpiece on it - it looks like it's been around for a hundred years
Liam Calli
Model: HD6503P
The color of the tiles is very good. The yard is very good. The number of tiles suggested by customer service is almost the same, basically there is no wastage. The quality is really good. The effect of tiling is very good. I made the yard of my home built house, and the neighbors said it was good-looking when they saw it.
Nick Izadi
Model: HYX6519
I know this kind of Trevi tile is mainly used for bathrooms, showers and floors, but we like the appearance of natural stone and bright colors, so we tried it on the countertops and back baffles of the kitchen, we used 6x6 tiles and 3 inches
Alex Gómez
Model: HKP715021
Or as I did at the end of the day, I cut individual pieces of stone from one broken tile to repair another, and the process of scraping the grout into the joint will also scratch the soft stone
Liam James ash
Model: HJL361210H
Tiles look very beautiful. They are really the same as wood floors. But if they are sanitary, they are very easy to take care of. The quality is very good. I need to buy them next time. The bluestone tiles are so good. My friends come to play at home and say they are beautiful. They don't slip in rainy days.
Model: HD6303P
The tiles received are packed tightly, with good glossiness, clear lines without color difference, no peculiar smell, beautiful and fashionable. The tiles are very bright, pasted beautifully, with strong three-dimensional sense and good quality. satisfied!!!
Model: 4290
Tile floor tiles have been received, the quality is really good, all five points praise, will recommend friends to buy. The quality of ceramic tile is very good, the surface is smooth without scratches, the plate is thick, and it looks good on the pavement.

There's nothing more irresistible than discovering a fresh take on a classic style. So with that in mind, it’s pretty to see why these gorgeous glass tiles caught our eye. This beautiful Glass Mosaic Tile 300x300mm is manufactured in China, comes in a smooth, polished finish, featuring a white color with a random variation in tone to coordinate with many interior decors. The polished glass mosaic tile 300x300mm has semi-vitreous water absorption of more than 3% but less than 7% to suit your needs.

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