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Customer Reviews Of Hanse Ceramic & Porcelain Tile
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Model: R38
The tiles are a little surprised, but the effect is very good. The tiles are worthy of the famous brand. They are good in all aspects. They have been bothered by customer service for many times, and they are always attentive and meticulous.
Model: HJN-2150
After the tiles are pasted, it looks very beautiful, the texture of the tiles is very good, the smooth edges and corners of the water chestnut are not expensive and very satisfied. The surface of the tiles is very smooth, without cracks, the patterns are simple and generous, the glossiness is very high, and the price is cheaper than other brands of tiles. Cost effective, worth buying!
Dillon quinn
Model: HM6902M
The tiles are not bad after receiving the goods. I was worried about the damage in the transportation. I also called the customer service lang'eryang to ask about various problems. The service was very considerate, the quality of the tiles was very good, the quality of the tiles was very good, the workmanship was exquisite and worth buying.
Model: 15833
At first, my wife didn't agree to buy ceramic tiles online, for fear of poor quality, I bought a sample to see the quality, which determined that the amount of ceramic tiles used in the whole house was purchased here. Tiles are cheap, affordable, of good quality, strong, clean and tidy.
Model: M1801
Tile color is very beautiful, quality is also good, very good, wood like tiles have arrived, color is very good, there is no color difference, the price is much cheaper than other brands of tiles, the quality is also good, the next time will buy back.
Model: 15608
Tile floor tiles are very good, very thick, solid materials, very affordable, much cheaper than the market, like, tile floor tiles received, wear-resistant and antiskid, the overall effect is very satisfied, next time you need to come again.
Norberto Hernández López
Model: HKJ6022
The effect of tiling is really good. It's also very convenient to install tiles. It's also very convenient to load and unload. It didn't take long after receiving the tiles. The quality of tiles is very good. The customer service is very patient,
Lukas Stasiulevičius
Model: HMF156553
I will definitely buy this for my next flooring project, once it's finished it looks good - as a stone marble product the color depth changes so that there's enough time to pass through all your products - we have to return some sheets in exchange for a more uniform color spread
Jack Kwapiszeski
Model: 15820
I'm very satisfied with the tiles. There's no color difference. As described by the store, you can buy the tiles at ease. The tiles are of good quality, strong, glossy and free of any bumps.
Model: T2463
Tile received, antiskid, stain resistant, beautiful color, customer service attitude is particularly good, logistics is fast, price is affordable, tile received, packaging is very tight, no damage, as described in the figure, the surface is bright, not easy to break.

There's nothing more irresistible than discovering a fresh take on a classic style. So with that in mind, it’s pretty to see why these gorgeous glass tiles caught our eye. This beautiful Glass Mosaic Tile 300x300mm is manufactured in China, comes in a smooth, polished finish, featuring a white color with a random variation in tone to coordinate with many interior decors. The polished glass mosaic tile 300x300mm has semi-vitreous water absorption of more than 3% but less than 7% to suit your needs.

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