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Brown Polished Ceramic Wood Tile Loading Image
Brown Polished Ceramic Wood Tile

Brown Polished Ceramic Wood Tile

Color(10): BrownModel: HMF815220
  • HMF815220-1
  • HMF815758-1
  • HMF815632-1
  • HMF815763-1
  • HMF815210-1
  • HMF815737-1
  • HMF815217-1
  • HMF815755-1
  • HMF815756H-1
  • HMF815756-1
Product Details
  • Place Of Origin :
    Guangdong,China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name :
  • Model Number :
  • Size :
    150 x 800mm
  • Function :
    Acid-Resistant,Antibacterial,Heat Insulation,Non-Slip,Firebrick,Wear-Resistant,Fading Resistant
Product Description
Wood Like Ceramic Tile
wood ceramic tiles factory
Featured Reviews
  • 20 Customer Reviews
  • 4.9 out of 5 stars overall
100% of customers recommended.
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5stars (18)
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Attribute Ratings
Tile packaging is very tight, well protected, tile color is very good, color is very bright, the important thing is anti-skid, looking very tall Shang! Tile gray brick is my favorite, glossiness is also good, sister's home just decorated, introduced her to buy!
A few months ago, I printed a black-and-white pattern around the fireplace with the most advanced template. This delatory tile is the perfect solution. I have received everything connected with the tiles. The quality of the tiles is very good. The tiles are very good, very good, and I like them very much.
Received the goods, the tile packaging is very strict and professional, the quality is very good, the color is very beautiful without color difference, the texture is clear. The logistics is very fast, the quality of ceramic tile is very good, the pattern is very clear, very satisfied!
The quality of ceramic tile is very good. It's the same as the introduction. The terrazzo tiles are especially antiskid in the bathroom! And the quality and hardness are very good! Hanse is very patient, logistics is awesome for holidays and holidays!
When you start to lay the tiles, you will notice that the number of wood grain "patterns" printed on the tiles is limited, so how to best lay the tiles has become a science, so that the two wood grain will not be close to each other, in addition, one of the patterns is much lighter than the others, I believe it will be nice to mix with other patterns, but what I want is dark, so don't use me The one I met
Use 13 x 13 tiles, but the lines of each tile are perpendicular to its neighbors. I used the frosty gray Mapei flexcolor CQ (according to the Bricklayer's requirements)
Tiles are as good-looking as pictures, thick and hard, good-looking texture, smooth and wear-resistant brick surface. This time I bought the right one. The ceramic tile quality is very good, and the effect without any defects is also very satisfied.
The seller of ceramic tiles delivered the goods in time and received it soon. The pattern is what I want. The material is also good and thick. It's not enough. The ceramic tiles are received. The quality is good, the style is very like, and the overall effect is good.
The size meets the standard and the package is good. I also like the color of tiles. The decoration is very elegant and cost-effective. I need to buy them again. The tiles are received. The packaging is very good. There is no damage. The edges of the tiles are also very flat. The overall quality is very good.
The service attitude of the tile seller is very good, the background wall is very atmospheric, the color is very good, the price is much cheaper than the entity, a happy shopping, the tile goods have been received, the quality is very good, the price is reasonable, very satisfied, the next time they come.
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