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Coloured Matte R10 Floor Tile Loading Image
Coloured Matte R10 Floor Tile

Coloured Matte R10 Floor Tile

Color(2): ColouredModel: P03
  • P03-1
  • P04-1
Product Details
  • Place Of Origin :
    Guangdong,China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name :
  • Model Number :
  • Size :
    600 x 600mm,300 x 300mm
Product Description

natural stone floor tiles
natural stone package

Featured Reviews
  • 21 Customer Reviews
  • 5 out of 5 stars overall
100% of customers recommended.
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Attribute Ratings
Discuss with the seller to take a look at the sample first. The seller's service is very good. Timely delivery. The main tiles are of good quality. The surface of ceramic tile is smooth and resistant to dirt. It's very tall and still with clear lines. It's very good!
Ceramic tiles are absolutely authentic. The price is worth it, and the cost performance is high. Tillers's own simple brick cutting tool didn't work at all, but later it could only be used in the processing plant. Texture and color are very good-looking, no color difference problem, in a word, very satisfied! Tile quality is good, glossiness and flatness are very good, will recommend to relatives.
Received the tiles, the quality is very good, the glazed surface is smooth, the cut surface is flat, the color and style are also very good, very satisfied, the tiles are very good, very satisfied with the good-looking lines is a good comment on anti-skid.
We bought this tile after installing a new granite countertop. We have been looking for mosaic tiles, but we disagree on whether we can buy tiles including glass tiles
When I was in the shop, a colleague showed us oxide rock, and I always kept in mind (this is the first time we can see the real stone affordable option - even the price of online artificial veneer is basically twice the original). To make a long story short, after the car is full of pneumatic stone products, we quickly decided to spend another 200 dollars (our work) at lunch time About 80 square feet) it's worth buying a real stone and a wet saw
The luster of ceramic tiles is very good, the lines are clear, just like the design, the logistics is very fast, and the installation will be started immediately after receiving, and the effect is very like! The quality of the small white tiles is very good, very thick, the seller's delivery speed is fast, and there is no damage on the way.
The quality of ceramic tile is particularly good, thick and durable, and there is no broken piece when it is delivered. The package is very tight. After being installed, it is very tall and perfect, better than what we see in the building materials market. Continue to buy back!! The tiles arrived. The store was considerate. The packaging was complete and there was no damage. The quality is good, the color is also very good-looking, and the same as the store said, the logistics is also fast.
The quality of ceramic tile material is very good, the workmanship is very delicate, smooth and undamaged, it is of high grade, the size is standard, the effect is very good, the seller's service is very good, the packaging is in place, and the logistics is free of bumps and scratches. Ceramic tiles express fast! Good workmanship! It's beautiful and cheap!
This is a great cutting guide, if you need to adjust the fit, remember that these artificial grouting lines are a tera COTA color, so choose your grouting color accordingly
I like blue very much. I bought three-color blue, which is very good-looking. The tiles are fragile. I'm afraid of damage in the transportation process. I received the goods for inspection. Hanse's packing is very good and not broken. I need to mend the bricks later. The cheap packing at his home is good, and the texture is also good. The package of ceramic tile is exquisite, the logistics is fast, and the quality is the same as the picture, without color difference.
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