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Cheap 200X1200mm Floor Tiles Wholesale is China's wholesale 200x1200mm floor tiles supplier & manufacturer, providing durable and quality 200x1200mm floor tiles at low price. There are 7 200x1200mm floor tiles products in total. The average price for 200x1200mm floor tiles is range from 1 USD to 100 USD. So, if you're budget-conscious, you can definitely choose Hanse tiles, buy 200x1200mm floor tiles for sale and ceramic tiles for sale and can update your space at a very affordable price. Get start transform any room in your house with this wide range of affordable 200x1200mm floor tiles from China.
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Size : 200 x 1200mm Room : Floor Tiles
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Beige Glazed Porcelain Wood Tile
Size: 200 x 1200mm
  • Beige
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Brown
  • Default2
Beige Glazed Wood Tile
Size: 200 x 1200mm
  • Beige
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Brown
  • Default2
Brown Glazed Ceramic Wood Tile
Size: 150 x 900mm
  • Brown
  • Brown
  • Brown
  • Brown
  • Default8
Brown Glazed Porcelain Wood Tile
Size: 200 x 1200mm
  • Brown
  • Brown
  • Brown
  • Brown
  • Default3
White Polished Ceramic Floor Tile
Size: 200 x 1200mm
  • White
White Polished Marble Floor Tile
Size: 1000 x 2000mm
  • White
White Polished Porcelain Floor Tile
Size: 200 x 1200mm
  • White
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Tile sample received! Logistics is fast! Tile samples and other brands of tile comparison! Or online pattern and price are better than other brands of ceramic tiles! The tiles and floor tiles have been received. The packaging is very good. There is no damage. The material is also very good. I'm very satisfied. I'll come back next time if I need to.
In fact, the tiles in the bathroom and the garden are also super beautiful, but I forgot to take photos. From the early design to the later communication and replenishment are relatively smooth, replaced two Tilers also said that the tile porcelain is very good! It's a successful choice in the decoration. Thank you for meeting me. Ceramic tile logistics is very fast, the lines are very layered, the surface is very smooth, the effect is very good after paving!
When the tiles arrive, the quality is good. The tiles of this style are also good-looking. The price is affordable. It's good. The quality of the tiles is very good. After arriving, none of them are broken. There is a lot of atmosphere in the yard. It will be bought back next time!
White tiles are noble, clean and of good quality. The price of ceramic tile is more friendly to the people, and the packaging is also very good. I like this pattern. I don't know when I began to like this style.
The tiles were delivered by express delivery. The quality is very good, the lines are clear, very smooth and shiny, the packaging is also very tight, the quality of the tiles is very good, the edges are also very smooth, no cutting, the packaging is also very good, no damage!
I was worried about it before. Now it has been decorated. It's really good. It's much cheaper than the tiles of other brands. Hanse people are good. They praise it. The quality of the tiles is very good. The texture is very good. It's very bright. There's no smell.
It's too fragile. Return to the store for a refund. Choose a brand with better quality.
My contractor says it's a little difficult to install, but he likes it very much. He has installed it in his own home. I finished the work a year ago, and now I like it better than when I bought it
Please feel free to buy Tiles. Customers have always been concerned about the progress of tiling here. I am very moved to answer questions patiently. The effect is really good. The thickness is even thicker than I imagined! There is no damage to the logistics, give the logistics also a little praise! Thank you for your efforts! Very good looking ceramic tile, it's the brick matched by the designer, which is the decoration style I want! It's simple and modern, looks clean and fresh, very comfortable! Good decoration can't do without good ceramic tile measures, different collocations present different visual effects.
I am very satisfied with the perfect matching tiles, no damage. The tiles are imitated of marble, with natural texture. Gray is especially suitable for the modern decoration style I want. Compared with other brands of tiles, it is much cheaper, very satisfied!
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