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29 Different Types of Floor Tiles

Tile Flooring - Why Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles are a kind of floor decoration material, also called Ceramic Tile Flooring which is made from clay. It is hard, pressure and wears resistant, and it can prevent moisture. Porcelain Floor Tile and Ceramic Floor Tile is mostly used for the grounds and floors of commercial and residential rooms. Some are glazed and have a decorative effect. There are many varieties of floor tiles and a lot of room for selection. According to the material, it can be divided into glazed tiles, full-body tile (anti-slip tiles), polished tiles, vitrified tiles, etc. As a large-area ground material, floor tiles use their own color and texture to create a different style of indoor rooms or outdoor environments. When choosing tile flooring, you not only need to consider whether it makes a room's overall style - looks nice and gorgeous, but also should think over the practical - if it is affordable, easy-care, and durable?

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China Best Floor Tiles For You - Buy Suitable, Profitable, Durable Tile Flooring From Hanse

Are you looking for the best of all Floor Tile Supplier & Wholesaler? Hanse is a landmark company in the manufacture of ceramic & porcelain tile flooring, Our Floor Tiles are the perfect choice for your tile flooring project. With a wide range, good quality, stylish designs, and profitable floor tiles price, our Tile Floorings are extensively used in living and commercial buildings. Our cheap Tile Floorings are widely recognized and trusted by domestic and abroad customers, can meet continuously changing economic and social needs.

Benefits of Buying Floor Tiles Hanse

- A wide assortment of floor tile choices available. The variety of floor tile patterns, shapes, styles, and colors that our ceramic tile flooring comes in is a large part of its appeal and popularity, custom floor tile designs accepted and OEM service offered:

  • Application: Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Restaurant, Office, Entryways, Indoor and Outdoor Spaces
  • Materials: Porcelain tile, Ceramic tile, wooden tile, natural stone tiles,  and more
  • Pattern/Design: Mosaic Tile, Field Tile, Moroccan, Glazed-Lmitated Patterned, Stone Look, Custom Stone, Concrete, Wood, Marble, Matt, Speck and more
  • Color: Gray, White, Beige, Blue, Brown, Golden, Yellow, Green and more
  • Finish: Polished, High Gloss, Matte, Textured, Mirrored and more
  • Size: 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 400x400mm, 500x500mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm

- Good Quality are guaranteed with top grade materials, advanced production technology and strict quality control
     - Reasonable Prices quoted according to customer’s requirements and budget, affordable but durable Floor Tiles
     - Volume large or small, we can handle it all, as we own our manufacturing facility so that we can keep all production of in-house
     - Free Design, Cost-Effective and Time-Saving Production Plans, One-Stop service for Tile Flooring Purchase

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Floor Tile Ideas

Simple modern style:

If you desire a more simple and fashionable approach to your interior, our series of polished and marble floor tiles can meet your requirements. With collocation of light grey, white and black color, These floor tiles can create a personalized and bright visual space, as well as being resistant to water, stains and scratches - meaning your home can enjoy a grand and beautiful finish for years to come.

Industrial haven:

if you desire a more contemporary approach to your interior, we have a range of visually-striking black and grey floor tiles with hard matt finishes. Don’t let the dark colours fool you, however - these floor tiles will inject a lively urban energy into any space, making a modern interior statement that will remain on-trend for years to come.

Mediterranean style:

For a style flooring solution guaranteed to add the finishing touch to your romantic home, we have a selection of value mosaic and rustic floor tiles you’ll love. Match with white, blue or beige, creating a feeling of grandeur that will never go out of style.

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Raw and rustic:

For a rustic flooring solution guaranteed to add the finishing touch to your folksy home, Pastoral style tiles can be selected. Pastoral style emphasizes returning to nature, reflecting the vicissitudes of nature and the ancient texture. In floor tile selection, Hanse wood like tiles with brown color can your best choice, with wood grain effect, reflecting a delicate and pretty decoration style.

Floor Tiles For Home

Kitchen floor tiles:

There are many kinds of floor tiles, including glazed tiles, full body tiles, polished tiles, polished tiles and mosaics. Polished or matte tiles can be used in large areas such as kitchens. The kitchen is in a high temperature environment, so the color of flooring should be light or cold. The light color floor tile for kitchen can make people feel that the space is expanding and extending, avoiding the deep color from making people feel dull and depressed in a narrow space.

Living room floor tiles:

With a sleek and chic finish, tiled living rooms are the practical choice for busy homes and can be beautifully cosied up with soft-pile rugs and plenty of soft furnishings to match. High-hardness and wear-resistant floor tiles are required for living room. If you pursue noble and elegant effects, the color of the floor tiles should be brown yellow or light cream, which can create a soft and warm atmosphere for the room and make the living room look more noble in appearance.

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Bedroom tile flooring:

Bedroom is the most comfortable space in the house, choosing floor tiles for bedrooms gives you an opportunity to combine cosy furnishings with cutting-edge style. There are amazing series of bedroom floor tiles designs including wood like tiles, marble tiles, mosaic wood tiles which can create a warm, comfortable and natural feeling.

Bathroom floor tiles:

Bathroom is a functional place, often in a wet state, so when choosing floor tiles, R10 anti-skid tiles are well suited. From luxurious European style tiles to vintage-inspired ceramics, our broad range of bathroom tile floorings are designed with safety in mind, allowing you to the freedom to design the bathroom of your dreams. Our wide range of wood effect flooring tiles with low maintenance, durable, wear-resistance features can be your ideal choice.

Outdoor floor tiles:

Floor tiles aren’t just limited to transforming the inside of your home, either - they work wonders in transforming outdoor spaces, too. At Hanseceramictile shop, our floor tiles are suitable both for outdoor and indoor areas. Whether you want to create a fashionable garden, fully display natural and unsophisticated atmosphere, or looking to spruce up a tired patio, outdoor floor tiles Hanse will bring you some inspiration.

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What Is The Best Color For Floor Tiles?

Yellow Floor Tile

Yellow is a more used color tile, warm yellow floor tiles, always make us feel more warm. This set of living room's overall color is warm and comfortable, with bright colors of furniture and goose yellow walls, showing a warm and popular living room home decoration. 

Dark Green Floor Tile 

Similar to black dark green floor tile, which is laid in the fresh toilet, and more reflects the simple design sense of the toilet. But this kind of floor tile color, collocation is still more picky, so we should be careful. Therefore, there is no final conclusion as to what color the floor tiles are good. It depends on the actual situation. 

Light Blue Floor Tiles

Dreamy blue and white bathroom design, blue and white gradual change tile covering the whole space, as if taking you into the ocean world. The blue and white gradation floor tile color is especially suitable for Mediterranean style decoration, fresh and soft, giving a relaxed experience.

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