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Matte Tiles & Matte Finish Tiles

Matte Tiles, also called Matt Tiles, Matte Finish Tiles or Matt Finish Tiles, which are a type of wall tiles, floor tiles, ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, bedroom tiles, living room tiles, shower tiles or others treated with the white, black, grey or other colors matt finish, result in your tiles will not shine anymore but have more rustic appeal and natural beauty. Generally, bathroom and kitchen have the largest demand of floor tiles and wall tiles to endure harsh treatment and resist slipping, the matt tiles own its special matte finish and rough surface to suit for slippery environment, as well as durable and sturdy characteristics, so it becomes one of the most popular tiles in home and some commercial spaces.

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Foshan Hanse Matte Floor Tiles & Matte Wall Tiles - Matt Finish Tiles Manufacturer

Foshan Hanse is a professional tiles manufacturer specializing in matte ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, rustic tiles, mosaic tiles, wooden tiles, glass tiles, for floors and walls in a variety of different materials, textures, and sizes to be applicable for interior areas bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and exteriors like swimming pool and seating areas. Our Matte Floor Tiles offers more grip to walk, which benefits family kids or pets and outdoor environments during or after rains, prevent them from falling down, all of these advantages make matt tiles a more common choice for modern family tiles.

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What's the Advantages of Our Matte Tiles

  • Matte Tiles Design

    - A wide range of patterns and colors
    - Stylish and Aesthetic tile styles
    - Top decorative capacity

  • Matte Tiles Manufacturing

    - Advanced production technology and equipment
    - Skilled and trained staff
    - Strict quality inspection before packaging

  • Matte Tiles Service

    - OEM
    - On-time delivery
    - Instant response

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