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Bathroom Tiles
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Bathroom Tile, Shower Tile, Washroom Tile - Why Choose Tiles For Bathroom

Bathroom tiles also referred to shower tiles, including bathroom floor tiles, bathroom wall tiles, bathroom ceiling tiles, and interior tiles for seats and other special features. The bathroom can be large or small but it is a place where you can get rid of tiredness and relax, so create a completely unique bathroom tile design is necessary. As an important part of the bathroom decoration, the right bathroom tile selection not only enhances your bathroom decoration but also makes your bathroom comfortable. Using bathroom tiles (washroom tiles) to create unique designs and arrangements, personalize a space, in addition, slip resistance, water-resistance and abrasion resistance are also important performance factors to consider when buying Ceramic Tiles for Bathroom, Washroom.

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Bathroom Tiles In Your Choice Of Material 

Glazed Tile:

Glazed tile is the most common type of ceramic tile. Its main features are rich colors and various patterns. It is precisely because of this feature that glazed tiles are frequently used in bathrooms. Glazed tiles can be selected for walls and floors. Compared with ordinary ceramic tiles, glazed tiles are more waterproof, antiskid and antifouling. And easy to clean.

Rustic Tile:

The main characteristics of rustic tiles are water-proof and low water absorption. When rustic tile is used, it is not necessary to worry about water seepage. It is recommended to use this kind of tile on the floor of toilet. Because the surface of rustic tile is not smooth and if there are old people in the house, there is no need to worry about skid resistance ability.

Low Water Absorption:

For the bathroom, which is in the humid environment for a long time, try to choose the tiles with low water absorption. So water absorption is the first consideration.


Bathrooms and travertine tiles are a match made in heaven. This stunning sedimentary rock is used to create a uniquely textured tile that adds warmth and character to any wall or floor.

bathroom tiles
bathroom tiles


The bathroom is always in wet state, so we should give priority to its skid resistance when choosing bathroom tiles. From matte porcelain tiles to anti-slip ceramics, you can find a safe and stylish tiling solution to suit any bathroom design theme.

Bathroom Tile Style Ideas

If you need a bathroom that combines fashion with function, the design options are virtually endless. From practical, R10 anti-skid floors to beautiful, ultra-minimalist walls, you can get the inspiration for your ideal bathroom right here. If you are looking for bathroom tiles designs that are both sensible and stylish, we have a few bathroom tile style ideas to help you on your way.


Modern style decoration, the most common color is gray, white and black, its mix and match effect is full of design. Through the difference of color and size to highlight the light brightness of the bathroom. Generally, the color of the wall tiles will be lighter and smaller, while the color of the floor tiles will be darker and larger.

Romantic and retro:

For most nostalgic people will love experimenting with the shabby chic aesthetic. If your bath, shower and sink are decidedly retro, finishing off the room with some rugged, wood effect tiles will help you to create a bathroom that’s packed with character. From natural, muted shades to rich, distressed browns, there are tons of stunning options available if you’re looking for something industrial.

bathroom tiles
bathroom tiles

Free Mediterranean life:

People who are familiar with Mediterranean architectural style always choose the soft color which is direct to nature, make full use of every inch of space, and also have originality in the collocation of home decoration. Iron mirror headlights, brown tiles, sea blue bathroom cabinets and shower rooms, this atmospheric and pleasant color combination, exudes the ancient and noble rural flavor and cultural taste.

Bathroom Tile Maintenance & Cleaning - How To Take Care Of Bathroom Floor & Wall Tile

  1. In order to better protect the tiles, we can clean them with decontamination paste. For the ceramic tile grout, we can use toothbrush with a little decontamination paste to remove, which can effectively remove the stains in the bathroom tile grout
  2. The stains in the bathroom tiles can be cleaned with a brush. If the greasy dirt on the tile is thick, you can shovel it with a shovel first, and then clean it with an acid detergent.
  3. For a small range of stains, use a toothbrush for cleaning, which is not only convenient but also labor-saving. In addition, the grout of tile can also be cleaned by toothbrush, because the teeth of toothbrush are relatively small, which can go deep into the grout for deep cleaning.

Buy Cheap Bathroom Tiles Online - Wholesale Bathroom Tiles For Wall & Floor At Hanseceramictile Shop

Where to buy durability, versatility, low maintenance, easy installation, low cost and stylish Bathroom Tiles and Shower Tiles? Hanse Washroom Tile is an aesthetically stunning choice for floor, wall, and décor. Although there are thousands of choices in the market, at Hanseceramictile shop, we are sure that you can buy bathroom floor/wall tiles that best suits your needs, the wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes and designs available here. From classic white bathroom wall tiles to intricate and colourful mosaic bathroom floor tiles, you’ll find it all right here. Choose Hanse bathroom tiles for wall/floor and you will get the following benefits:

  • Application:

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    - Bathroom Decor Tiles
    - Wet Room Tiles
    - Washroom Floor and Wall Tile, Shower Tiles
    - Slip Resistant Tiles
    - Tiles for proof & other special areas

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Benefits of Buying Bathroom Tiles Hanse

  • We offer a wide selection of Washroom Wall and Floor Tiles for customers around the world, including a variety of materials, colors, styles, patterns, shapes, sizes, etc. Classic square and rectangular tiles are a staple of our online range - including the subway & metro brick tile - but we also have some more unusual shapes on offer, such as hexagonal tiles for bathroom and herringbone tile.
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  • High-quality materials, advanced production technology, experienced workers, and a strict quality control team ensure that every bathroom tile for floor/wall is flawless.
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  • Our bathroom floors products passed ISO9001:2000, CE, CCC, ISO14001 certifications, we also can produce according to industry standards and apply the corresponding certifications in the exporting area.
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