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Office Tiles
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Why Choose Tiles For Office?

The office is the area where people work, and also the whole important hub of the enterprise. In the process of decoration and design, we must show the atmosphere and concise decoration effect. All kinds of decoration materials used must have good quality assurance, and the ceramic tile is indispensable. Using ceramic & porcelain tile to lay the office is one of the decoration methods that many offices choose when they decorate the floor or wall. The use of tiles for office wall and floor decoration, not only beautiful, wear-resistant, durable and cleanable, but also enrich the office a kind of elegant atmosphere.

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Office Tiles
Office Tiles

Cheap Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles For Office - China Best Office Tiles Manufacturer

If you are a designer looking to update your client’s space with modern, high end finishing, Hanseceramictile offers a wide range of wholesale office tiles to suit your demands. Our types of office tile cheap is very huge including floor tiles design for office and wall tiles design, which is an amalgamation of industrial proficiency and exquisite designs. Each office floor/wall tile is made with excellence using international advanced ceramic materials exquisite processing technology to ensure great quality, selected high-quality raw materials, pure, on the product body to moist and gorgeous color texture, color and luster. The surface treatment is by Full Body tiles, Glazed tiles, Polished tiles, etc. These exceptional ceramic/porcelain tiles are best suited for commercial spaces offices. In addition, customized office tiles textures/patterns are also accepted.

Our Range Of Office Tiles - Colors, Shapes, Sizes, Finishes, Materials

Hanse office tiles floor available in matte, textured, polished, high gloss, glazed and more finishes. Sizes range from small 300×300mm, 300×600, 600×600mm to large 1000×2000, 1200×240mm. When it comes to shape options for office tiles, classic square and rectangular tiles are a staple of our online range - including the impossibly versatile subway tile - but we also have some more unusual shapes on offer, such as herringbone and hexagon. All the popular colors are available here, from white, pink, purple, brown, beige to grey. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a white floor tile material. Traditional ceramic/porcelain, luxurious marble, shiny glass, artificial stone, mosaic, anti-slip R10 all available at Hanseceramictile.

  • Features:
    • Environmental protection and cleanliness
    • Anti-skid & safety
    • Hard wear-resisting
    • The water absorbing rate is lower than 0.08%
    • Super-strong dirt resistant performance
    • Simple color matching
    • Has remarkable ceramic tile quality
Office Tiles

Office Tiles Floor/Wall Installation Tips And Common Problems

  1. Soak before laying. Before tiling, it is generally necessary to soak the water first. The reason is to clean the dust on the back of the ceramic tile and make it easy to paste. And it is convenient to let the tile absorb some water and paste. So that when it is pasted with cement, it will not absorb much water in the cement
  2. Choose the right tiling method. Generally, there are two paving methods for installing office floor or wall tiles: dry paving and wet paving. Dry paving is mixing cement and sand with incomplete water, only adding part of water. Wet paving is mixing cement and sand into mud. It depends on the situation in the environment. Generally, the office decoration and replacement company will choose the right construction method according to the situation.
  3. There are two points to be emphasized about the grout: First, do not add the grout immediately after the tile is paved, generally, the grout is filled only after the office decoration, otherwise, it is added early and easy to be dirty. Second, after the grout is added, the part stuck on the  tile must be wiped off with clean cotton yarn in time, otherwise the grout will stick to the tile, which is difficult to wipe off.
  4. Reasonable purchase of office tiles floor/wall: There is also a waste of tiling. Office tile design is definitely a waste, because it is impossible that the width of your wall or floor is exactly the integral multiple of the width of the tiles you purchased. The final result must be to cut some tiles. So when buying office tiles, it's better to buy more so as not to replenish.
Office Tiles

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