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Restaurant Tiles
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Restaurant Tiles for Floor, Wall, Ceiling and Exterior

The restaurant, hotel, office and shops are the most common applications of commercial tiles. For each restaurant, decent and comfortable decoration is an extremely important factor of guests satisfaction, while restaurant tiles play a great role in it. Restaurants floor often suffer a constant and massive foot traffic, changing and moving equipment, and occasional leaks of food and drink, so choosing an appropriate hotel tiles idea will increase the floor service life, save the cost, attract the clients and contribute to the success in the hospitality industry.

Why Use Tile Flooring in Restaurant?

  • Do not accumulate crumbs an easy to clean
  • Durable, can withstand high traffic
  • Textured or designed rough surface, and installed with grout joints, add slip resistance
  • Any type of atmosphere can be achieved with diverse restaurant tiles.
restaurant tile

Restaurant Tile Designs

1. Marble like porcelain tiles for dining area

Hard and durable porcelain tiles with natural textures or marble veins are suitable for dining area, because porcelain flooring is scratch resistant, moisture resistant, and non-fading.

2. Characteristic patterns

Applying restaurant tiles with signs, decors and visual patterns from different cultures can show the respect for worldwide clients and make people feel kindly.

3. Relief decoration

You can use several tiles to create an additional plane from the wall like relief decoration emerges.

restaurant tile
restaurant tile

How to Choose Restaurant Tiles? - Hotel Tiles Matching Tips

Every place of the hotel reflects the level of the restaurant and affects the experience of customers, so the decoration of the hotel should be considered carefully and comprehensively. What factors you should consider when selecting the types of restaurant tiles.

1. Color

In terms of tiles color, brightly colored restaurant tile can make your decoration look luxurious, while soft and light color is noble and elegant. If you want classical European style, you can choose gold as the main color, if simple style is your preference, warm color with soft and beautiful patterns of beige and white are great option.

2. Texture

Marble like texture is one of the most popular choices of hotel tiles, especially for the hotel lobby, white and beige tiles in large size are elegant and spacious, wood look patterns are also good options for tile flooring of restaurant bedrooms. You can also try new style textured hotel tile to create unique design and attract new customers.

restaurant tile

3. Carpet

Carpet is an important object in commercial restaurant flooring as its comfortable walking feeling and elegant texture, buy restaurant tiles matching carpet to create harmonious, unified and exquisite decoration.

4. Art accessories

The ornaments including wallpaper, paintings and other art accessories are also needed to consider when choosing restaurant floor tile and restaurant wall tiles based on decoration and aesthetics. For example, European style ceramic tiles can be matched with heavy painting frames of gold tracing and carving, delicate art works of carving and inlaying, crystal lights, glasses, etc.

5. Cost-effectiveness

The decoration of the whole hotel involves a large area, so the cost of each aspect should be controlled within the budget. Hanse restaurant tiles mainly features quality porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, glass tiles, stone tiles and wood tiles with most favorable prices and low maintenance characteristics.

restaurant tile

Cheap Restaurant Tile for Sale - Hotel Tiles Supplier, Wholesaler in China

Foshan Hanse is a tiles manufacturer and supplier that has extensive experience in wall tiles and floor tiles for commercial and residential space. Based on your restaurant style and requirements, we are able to understand the brief and give advice on your restaurant tiling, try to provide a best solution for your walls, floors, and ceilings tiles of hotel kitchen, bathroom, dining area, living room, bedroom, en-suites, reception, conference room, and entryway with professional and stylish restaurant tile design. Our porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, and mosaic tiles are the truly practical, cost-effective and eye-catching options for modern restaurants.

  • Sizes of Our Restaurant Tile
    • 150*300mm, 300*300mm,
    • 300*450mm, 400*400mm,
    • 300*600mm, 300*900mm,
    • 240*660mm, 500*500mm,
    • 600*600mm, 600*900mm,
    • 800*800mm, 1000*1000mm,
    • 600*1200mm, 1200*2400, etc.
  • Main Types of Our Restaurant Tile
    • Material & Production Technique
    • Restaurant mosaic tiles
    • Restaurant porcelain tiles
    • Restaurant ceramic tiles
    • Restaurant glazed porcelain tiles
    • Restaurant wooden tiles
    • Restaurant polished tiles
  • Application Place of Our Restaurant Tile
    • Restaurant kitchen tiles
    • Restaurant bathroom tiles
    • Restaurant dining area tiles
    • Restaurant floor tiles
    • Restaurant wall tiles
    • Restaurant ceiling tiles

Why Choose Hanse Restaurant Tile?

  • Waterproof, heatproof and stain-proof
  • Damp and steam resistance, non-slip
  • Restaurant porcelain tiles resist scratch and crumbling.
  • Diverse and refined appearances
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Extremely durable and reliable
  • No fading or darken, preserve appearance over time
  • Environmental friendly and healthy
  • Prevent bacteria and no harmful substances
restaurant tile
restaurant tile

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