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15 Different Types of Wood Tiles

Looking for a product that looks like hardwood and is easy to maintain and can be used in wet areas without damage? The ceramic & porcelain wood plank tiles for floor/wall can be your ideal choice! Now browse Hanse collection of wood tiles design ideas, get inspiration for planning your kitchen/living room/bedroom tiles floor or wall.

Wood Tiles Design, Wood Grain Tiles For Floor & Wall

In home decoration, nature, green, low-carbon and retro style are increasingly advocated. Wood look porcelain tile or ceramic tile is more and more popular with consumers and widely used in daily decoration space. Wood tile is a kind of floor/wall decoration material which is made by ceramic tile that looks like wood. Although it is the material of ceramic, it has wood grain decoration, which gives people a simple and natural feeling. It’s a high-grade ceramic tile product. This wood grain porcelain tile is perfect for families with kids and pets or high-traffic commercial spaces.

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Wood Tiles

Why Choose Wood Look Tiles

Beautiful appearance: The porcelain/ceramic wood look tile is produced by inkjet, relief, or glaze technology, its pattern is natural lifelike, combined with the excellent characteristics of hardwood tile and ceramic tile, so that the product naturally shows the classical and elegant style effect. The living room, bedroom or kitchen wall & floor with wood effect tiles will create a particularly comfortable and pleasant living environment.

Practical and durable: The wood tiles for wall & floor is moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, wear-resistant, acid and alkaline resistant, and does not need to be waxed and maintained periodically like wooden tiles.

Wood Tiles
Wood Tiles

Safety and environmental protection: With good antiskid performance, suitable for families with old people and children. Wood finish tiles are formaldehyde free, healthy and environmental friendly.

A variety of choices: Ceramic/porcelain wood look tiles are divided into glazed, polishing, matte and other types, with different patterns, shapes and styles, so that we can choose as we like, creating best wood grain look tile flooring/wall design in home.

Widely used: Porcelain/ceramic tiles that looks like wood are not only limited to the living room, bedrooms, kitchen backsplash and other interior spaces, but also widely used in balconies, coffee shops, and other exterior places, which can fully release the personality of the decoration space and enjoy an unrestricted lifestyle.

Wood Tiles

Wood Look Tiles For Any Room

  • Wood look tiles bathroom/shower: Love the reclaimed/industrial look in your bathroom? Complement the wood tile with dark or black hardware, white subway tile accents, and slate flooring.
  • Kitchen wood tile backsplash: Create a unique focal point in your kitchen with a wood plank porcelain backsplash.
  • Walkway with wood plank porcelain tile: Whether it's a walkway through your garden or a walkway in an industrial area, wood plank porcelain is the ideal tile choice with its many finish options.
  • Wood tiles living room: Design wall tiles with wood look, beige sofas with dark wood furniture, elegant and warm atmosphere will be spread in every corner of the room.
  • Wood effect ceramic tiles study: Choose beige wood tiles walls with beige polished marble tiles make the whole space especially bright. Match with white curtains which will be the highlight of the whole study. It is a good way to introduce the outdoor beauty into the interior, so that you can enjoy the peace and warmth of home in the busy city.
Wood Tiles

Wholesale Wood Look Tile Supplier - Buy Cheap Ceramic Tile That Looks Like Wood

Hanse Tile supplier provides a wide range of wood floor tiles and wood wall tiles design for those who want the timeless and beautiful look of wood in an extremely durable tile. Our porcelain and ceramic wood tiles for floor & wall contains various of sizes and styles. Unlike natural timber, Hanse wood effect tiles are incredibly wear-resistant, really easy to live with and won’t rot or warp when they get wet. With our wood grain look tiles, you’re able to get the gorgeous, natural-looking appearance and feel of hardwood while maintaining the durability of porcelain tile. In addition to the performance advantages in appearance and internal quality, the ceramic and porcelain wood look tile price is at low.

Why Choose Wood Effect Tiles Hanse

  • Long service life and wear resistance
  • Authentic look of hardwood and the durability of porcelain tile
  • Scratch resistant and easy care for families with kids and pets
  • Water resistant for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements
Wood Tiles

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