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Living Area Tiles, Drawing Room Tiles & Sitting Room Tiles - Tiles for Living Room

Living area is a family zone for people's relaxing and resting, we'll spend quite a long time in it, so great decoration and living area tiles design will create best home environment. Living room tiles, which is used across the wall, floor, ceiling and other sitting room areas, provide an economical choice for long-term living, entertainment, clean, maintain and more. Porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles and wooden tiles are common options for living room wall tiles and living room floor tiles.

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Living Area Tiles Manufacturer - Foshan Hanse Living Room Floor & Wall Tiles Design

Foshan Hanse is a professional tiles manufacturer that mainly dedicated in wall tiles, floor tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, polished tiles, rustic tiles, etc. Living room space like the heart of a house, we need to focus on both beauty and comfort. Follow the latest trend of drawing room tiles, our living area tile owns reliable suppliers to offer high-quality raw materials, professional production and R&D team to ensure the premium performance of the tiles and multiple living room tiles design and sizes to meet clients' diverse requirement and create a functional and stylish living area for you.

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  • Sizes of Our Living Area Tiles

    150*300mm, 300*300mm, 300*450mm,
    400*400mm, 300*600mm, 300*900mm,
    240*660mm, 500*500mm, 600*600mm,
    600*900mm, 800*800mm, 1000*1000mm,
    600*1200mm, 1200*2400, etc.

  • Main Types of Our Living Area Tiles

    - Wall tiles for living room
    - Floor tiles for living room
    - Living room ceramic tiles
    - Living room porcelain tiles
    - Living room polished tiles
    - Living room wood tiles
    - Living room mosaic tiles
    - Living room rustic tiles

  • Benefits of Our Living Room Tiles

    - Fashionable and cost-effective
    - Well-balanced color, rich patterns and personalized design
    - Stable color and no fading
    - High grade and exquisite
    - Long service life
    - Strong wear resistance and scratch resistant
    - Non-slip, comfortable walking
    - Environmental friendly
    - Water absorption and ventilation
    - Underfloor heating and cooling compatible
    - Low maintenance cost
    - Odour and voice free

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