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Bedroom Tiles
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Bedroom Tiles

Bedroom is different from living room/kitchen. The bedroom space is the most intimate, personal room of the house, it’s the most relaxing place for people, and also the main place for people to rest. People spend most of their time resting in their bedrooms. Perfect bedroom design will not only bring good environment, but also affect our mood throughout the day. And bedroom tiles design often play a fundamental role. The extensive range of floor  & wall tiles have been created to decorate and make the bedroom unique. Due to their virtually unlimited aesthetic and color range, ceramic tiles and wooden tiles are common options for bedroom wall tiles and bedroom floor tiles.

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Bedroom Tiles Ideas

Hexagon tiles bedroom: Adding characterful tiles to a wall space is a quick and easy way to give the bedroom a new burst of life. The humble hexagon is one of the trendiest shapes in the world of interior design. Our hexagon tiles, with their wonderful stone effect patchwork of patterns, are perfect for creating a honeycomb feature wall in a bedroom.

Vintage wood tiles bedroom: Wood effect tiles don't just come in natural browns and sands - there are white-washed versions too, such as the vintage wood plank tiles! White woods are fundamental in creating that popular soothing Scandinavian look in your home. Adding white tiles into an interior space also helps to make the room seem larger and brighter, so if you want to refresh your bedroom, they're a great option!

Rectangular tile in running-bond pattern: If you want to break up the tile routine in bedrooms, consider breaking out of the box. Or break out of the square. Square tile has been overused for years. In the last few years, larger rectangular 12x24cm tiles have exploded onto the marketplace, along with their elongated cousins, ceramic tile planks. Why not install Hanse beautiful rectangular tiles for creating a stylish bedroom?

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What Is The Best Tiles For Bedrooms?

Glazed tile:

This kind of tile is formed by firing glaze. They are divided into clay and porcelain. It's off white, it works better. At present, about 80% of home decoration buyers choose this kind of tile as floor decoration material. Its advantage is that it has a variety of patterns and patterns. It has more colors and patterns than polished tiles. The disadvantage is that the surface is glazed, therefore, the abrasion resistance is not as good as that of polished tile, and cracks are easy to occur after thermal expansion and contraction, and sewage is easy to penetrate.

Wood look tiles:

Wood tiles not only have features of ceramic tiles but also have real wood appearance, showing the classical and elegant style effect. With good antiskid performance, suitable for families with old people and children. Wood finish tiles are formaldehyde free, healthy and environmental friendly. It comes in different patterns, shapes and styles, so that we can choose as we like, creating best wood look bedroom tile flooring/wall design.

Vitrified tiles:

Vitrified tiles are also suitable for bedroom, which is widely used at present. It's exactly the same as polishing. It is easy to understand that it is a kind of reinforced polished tile. It has higher requirements for production technology and needs all ceramic. Suitable for living room and bedroom. The advantages are that the surface is bright without polishing treatment, which to a certain extent solves the problem of easy to be dirty. The disadvantages are that the surface is bright, easy to be dirty, easy to penetrate, which are not suitable for use in wet places.

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Bedroom Tiles Color Matching - Which Color Tiles To Choose For Bedroom?

1.Match according to home style

Bedroom tile color also needs to match with the overall style, such as northern European style, modern simple style can choose grey white tiles, retro style or European decoration can choose black, red brown and other dark tiles.

2.Match according to wall color

The color of the wall also has a very important reference for us to choose the color of the tile in the bedroom. If the wall is warm, we should choose the corresponding warm color tiles, such as beige, original white, etc., which can make the bedroom warm and bright.

3.Match according to the light intensity

The color of the tile in the bedroom can also be matched according to the light. The bedroom with bright natural lighting can choose the tile with a slightly dark color. If the light in the bedroom is poor, it is better to choose the tile with a light color.

bedroom tile
bedroom tile

Should Bedrooms Be Carpeted?

Carpet is usually the best choice for bedrooms and master bedrooms because it is soft and cozy. It is warm and can reduce sound, versus hardwood, which helps sound resonate and makes bedrooms feel cold.

Bedroom Tiles Selecting Tips

  1. When choosing the color of bedroom tile, try to choose the color that does not stimulate people. Try to choose some warm colors, such as yellow, beige and white. There are some country style tiles that are usually more suitable for use in bedroom renovation.
  2. As far as the environmental protection performance of tiles is concerned, the tiles used in bedrooms are often higher than those used in other aspects, so the tiles with environmental protection are more suitable.
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Bedroom Area Tile For Sale, Best Wall & Floor Tiles Supplier In China

Foshan Hanse is one of the China top tile manufacturers that mainly engaged in offering all kinds of ceramic/porcelain, wood tiles for bedroom wall or floor, polished tiles, matte tiles, glossy tiles, glazed tiles & more, which can be furnished in a classic, vintage, modern or minimal style. With unique specifications and sizes, various styles, beautiful appearance and bright colors. Our tiles can be widely used in various bedrooms and living spaces through creative design. The offered tiles for bedroom area are processed in adherence with the industry accepted norms of quality to furnish maximum satisfaction to our customers. Buy bedroom tiles in Hanse Tile store, create a space that is both warm and comfortable!

  • Features Of Hanse Bedroom Tiles
    • Beautiful color combinations
    • Perfectly shaped
    • Lustrous shine
    • Lustrous shine
    • Alluring design
    • Stain-proof, scratch-resistant, slip-resistant, and frost
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