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Switches And Sockets
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Brown Glazed Ceramic Wood Tile Loading Image
Brown Glazed Ceramic Wood Tile

Brown Glazed Ceramic Wood Tile

Color(1): BrownModel: HMF815759
  • HMF815757-1
Finish Feature Size
150 x 800mm
Product Details
  • Place Of Origin :
  • Brand Name :
  • Model Number :
  • Size :
    150 x 800mm
Product Description

This glazed ceramic wood tile is 150 x 800mm, delivers a classic wood grain visual with a smooth surface, a perfect upgrade for any room without the hassle of wood maintenance. While providing the longevity and strength of easy-to-clean ceramic. This kind of tone allows the wood look ceramic tile to elegantly blend with and complement a variety of decor. In addition to the elegant, high-end aesthetics, the small wood tile design also has the beauty and value of wood, never out of date. Our beige 150 x 800mm glazed ceramic wood tiles are the best choice for modern house flooring, hotel, bar, cafe bar, restaurant, bedroom, living room, kitchen, office and all outdoor area. 

Wood Looking Ceramic Tile Planks

Tile Certifications
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-1
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-2
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-3
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-4
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Hanse Tiles
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Attribute Ratings
Tiles look very solid, smooth and flawless on the surface, consistent with the pictures, good packaging, no bumps, floor tiles have been received, the merchants are very attentive in packaging, the goods received are intact, floor tiles are standard in specifications and dimensions, the surface treatment is smooth and hard, the price is much cheaper than other brands of tiles, recommended to buy.
Tilers said that the floor tiles are very good, very flat and thick. The pattern is clear, I like it very much. The tile floor of other brands is a brand, the quality is the same, and the price is much cheaper,
The ceramic tile is very good, very beautiful and clean. The selected paster is high grey, stain resistant and high-level. The corners are flat, the texture is clear and delicate, and the quality is good. The overall style of decoration is modern simple style.
I'm very satisfied with the service attitude of ceramic tiles. I'll introduce my friends to buy them next time. The quality of ceramic tiles is very good. The delivery speed is also very fast. The attitude of the store is very good. I'll help you answer any questions. It's trustworthy to recommend my friends to buy them next time.
Ceramic tiles are delivered fast, packed tightly, of good quality and good color. They are delivered fast and intact. The quality of ceramic tiles is OK, bright color, anti-skid and wear-resistant, and the overall effect of paving is very good.
The package is very tight, no damage, tile size standard, texture clear and glossy, price affordable and satisfied, tile porcelain surface smooth and delicate, fine workmanship, color is very good, packaging is also very good!
Tile received, the quality is great, and the color is beautiful, it's a good product worth buying, lollipop! Ceramic tile logistics is very fast, the arrival is very fast, the bathroom is also about to be decorated, the gold kitchen silver Wei, really can't save this! First of all, the style is good.
The tile house has been basically decorated. Let me seriously evaluate it: the new Hanse wall tiles have been used for a long time. They are very famous brands in Beijing. This time, the decoration of's parents' home reminds them of them at once! This online shopping, the price is more affordable, the logistics is also fast, tile Tilers also said that the quality is very good, parents are very satisfied. Look at the picture The quality of tiles is good, and the progress of tiling is fast. Basically, there is no color difference. You can refer to it. The photo environment is not very good, a little dark.
Ceramic tile bluestone board received, the quality is very good, after installation, the whole is not the same, especially on the tall. Tiles and floor tiles have been received. The quality is good, the pattern and color are good-looking, the delivery speed is fast, and the seller's packaging is also very tight.
The ceramic tile is very good, with high density, sufficient weight, good-looking design, which is worth recommending. Almost all the tiles have been pasted. Let's comment on it. The tiles are of good quality and glossy enough, especially the anti-skid and scratch resistant ones. The anti-skid of the elderly and children in the family is the most important. It's very good after testing! The price is more than 20 yuan cheaper than other brands of tiles. I have also visited the building materials center in the city. In fact, there is no difference. It's worth choosing the right one!
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