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Brown Glazed Ceramic Wood Tile Loading Image
Brown Glazed Ceramic Wood Tile

Brown Glazed Ceramic Wood Tile

Color(1): BrownModel: HMF815757
Finish Feature Size
Ceramic 150 x 800mm
Product Details
  • Place Of Origin :
    Guangdong,China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name :
  • Model Number :
  • Size :
    150 x 800mm
Product Description

Dark Brown Ceramic Floor Tile

Featured Reviews
  • 17 Customer Reviews
  • 5 out of 5 stars overall
100% of customers recommended.
Overall Ratings
5stars (17)
4stars (0)
3stars (0)
2stars (0)
1stars (0)
Attribute Ratings
It doesn't matter that I want to spread it out in a larger area, but in a small kitchen, if you get something that looks exactly the same, it will stand out, saying it's durable and easy to clean We want the look of Tuscany.. It looks good to use the brick moasik brick as the back board. Let's ask Los' Contractor to put it in.. They did a good job And Alex of Los, Pasadena, Texas, helped a lot
Tile seller's service is very good, delivery is very fast, bought in the morning, that afternoon has been sent out, logistics and transportation is also fast, soon arrived! The whole set is bought here. I like the pure and simple style of northern Europe. I have made a design deposit. Anyway, I can get the payment for goods. Ha ha, the seller helped me design and only placed an order when I was satisfied with the effect. At present, I have started to pave the brick. A tiler said that the quality of the brick is OK, that is to say, a little manual work is needed when I pave it. The quality of ceramic tile is good, the service is good, it is worth trusting.
The quality of ceramic tiles is good, the packaging is intact, and the color is what I like. When the ceramic tiles arrive, the packaging is intact, the color is the same as the picture, there is no color difference, and there is no defect, so it is of high grade, very satisfied!
The color of ceramic tile is very beautiful. I bought the one that pasted the TV wall. The effect of matching the two colors of brick is good. The seller delivered goods very quickly and was satisfied. The natural irregular stepping stone of ceramic tile is very beautiful and practical. It is antiskid and wear-resistant, affordable, and fast in logistics. It's worth buying!
We used the non sand charcoal pulp (orange apron) from another place. Shhh, I'll make these three photos self-evident that the tiles feel good. They are high-end and atmospheric. The tiles are back. They are good. The logistics is very fast.
Tile the floor tile color is good, beautiful and generous, is the first choice for home decoration. N01, the tile quality is very good, much cheaper than the building materials City, and the service is also good. So far, the delivery speed is very fast. One or two pieces are damaged after receiving. The customer service immediately reissues a box, and the problem management is very satisfied. Thank you!
Tiles express is very fast, Hanse's service attitude is excellent, the goods are very satisfied, the quality is very good, I will come here next time. After the tiles are laid, the effect is very good. I like the gray with scratch pattern very much. Recommended!
Tiles are good, ready to buy a lot, tiles finally believe their home, the reason is very simple, the customer service explanation is very detailed, although there is not so much service from the exclusive store, but Hami melon gave me not so many routines, the quality is good, the so-called penny a point of goods, not to buy expensive, but to buy value.
It's the first time for such a large online shopping. I also made a design here. When Nana, the customer service, was very patient, and there was a thing worth mentioning, because the purchased goods were delivered to the home, and the logistics were delivered directly to the home. The workers were all good, with speed and quality, and all of them were handled well. It's hard to see them! After all the tiles are pasted, the effect is very beautiful. It's the effect I want! Tile this floor tile beige color is very beautiful, fine workmanship patterns are also very clear, fit in the living room is also very high-grade, very like, five-star praise.
The ceramic tile is perfect. It's so tall and simple. It's worth buying. It's cool. My family likes it very much. If you like it, you can buy it. The style is very beautiful. Very satisfied with the tiles, the quality is better than expected.
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