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What Are Porcelain Tiles?

Generally, Porcelain tile is part of the larger category of ceramic tile, also a type of vitrified tiles with water absorption rate of less than 0.5%, this is where it differs from ceramic tiles. Porcelain tile has the texture of natural stone, but also has the advantages of high brightness, high hardness, high wear resistance, high anti pollution, diversified specifications and rich colors. It is a common wall and floor material.

Porcelain tiles are made of a ceramic product containing kaolin clay and other raw materials then through high-temperature sintering of typically ranging between 1,200 and 1,400 degrees Celsius in a kiln. Porcelain tiles have bright and soft color, stable physical and chemical properties, corrosion resistance, stain resistance, relatively thin thickness, high bending strength, lightweight, no harmful elements added and there is no obvious color difference in the whole tile. Porcelain floor tiles and porcelain wall tiles are getting the popularity to be applied in bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, shower, pool, restaurant, entry, hallway, almost all interior and outdoor environments.

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What Are The Differences Between Glazed Tiles And Porcelain Tiles

  1. Different water absorption. The water absorption of glazed tile is much higher than that of porcelain tile. The water absorption of porcelain tiles is between 1% and 0.5%, and that of glazed tiles is about 10%. Therefore, the hardness of glazed tiles is far less than porcelain tiles.
  2. Different designs and textures. Glazed tile is a kind of surface fired glaze. Its color and pattern are richer than porcelain tile. It has various textures like wallpaper and stone. Porcelain tile is a kind of all-round brick, with light design and color, simple and single texture.
  3. Different specifications. Glazed tiles are mostly small size tiles: 300x300mm 300x450mm, 300x600mm, etc. The general specification of porcelain tiles is 600x600mm.
  4. The scope of application is different. Because of the glaze layer on the surface of glazed tile, it is impermeable and easy to clean, which is mostly used for the wall decoration of kitchen and toilet. Due to good wear resistance, porcelain tile is su for suitable for wall tiles, floor tiles, and generally applicable to all rooms, such as living rooms, bedrooms, corridors and so on.
  5. Different prices. The glazed tile is simpler than the porcelain tile in terms of material and manufacturing technology, and its price is lower than that of the porcelain tile.
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Which Tile To Choose For Bathroom - Ceramic Tile Or Porcelain Tile?

The difference between ceramic tile and porcelain tile is very simple. Sprinkle water on the back of the tile, and the water will be quickly absorbed and slowly seeped out from the front is ceramic tile. On the contrary, the impervious is porcelain tile. Because the bathroom is a wet place, we can choose the porcelain tiles flooring that will not seep when we choose the tiles. Check Ceramic Tiles Vs Porcelain Tiles – Difference Between Ceramic Tiles & Porcelain Tiles

National Standard For Porcelain Tiles

  1. Strength: Thickness ≥ 7.5mm, average value of failure strength not less than 1300n.
  2. Thermal shock resistance: There is no crack and crack after 10 thermal shock resistance tests.
  3. Glossiness: The glossiness of polished brick shall not be less than 55.
  4. Wear resistance: The depth wear resistance volume of unglazed tile is not more than 175mm.

Which Country Makes The Best Porcelain Tiles?

China: The world leader of ceramics

In addition to being the world’s leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles, China was also the leading ceramic tile exporter. Since China and India are the two largest ceramic tile manufacturing countries, it is not surprising that Asia is the world's largest producer and consumer of tiles. China's ceramic technology has been the best for thousands of years.

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Hanse Porcelain Tiles For Wall & Floor – China Porcelain Tiles Wholesale Manufacturer

As an experienced wall tiles and floor tiles manufacturer, porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are our key products exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, Russia and dozens of countries and regions. No matter you are looking for porcelain floor tiles/porcelain wall tiles to decorate your living room, kitchen walls, cover your bathroom floors, or used in outdoor and commercial areas, you will find right option here. A range of polished porcelain tiles, matte porcelain tiles, glazed porcelain tiles, unglazed porcelain tiles, honed porcelain tiles, glossy porcelain tiles, textured porcelain tiles or wood look porcelain tiles available in multiple sizes, colors, textures and patterns. Long-term durability and little maintenance help you save the time and money.

Our Range Of Porcelain Tiles For Floor & Wall – Finishes, Colors, Textures, Shapes

When you shop at Hanseceramictile, you’ll find white, black, grey, blue, red and almost any color porcelain tiles you could want. Large-format squares and rectangles, penny rounds, hexagons, mosaics and herringbone porcelain tiles - the selection of shapes is larger than ever. When it comes to patterns, there are countless ways to arrange your tile to give it a different look and feel. Herringbone, diagonal lay, straight lay, basket weave, brick and hopscotch are just a few of the interesting patterns you can create to amp up your design. Textures range from porcelain marble effect tiles, porcelain wood grain tiles, stone porcelain tiles to granite porcelain tiles. Browse through our wide variety and begin to imagine the possibilities of designing with tile.

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What Are Advantages of Hanse Porcelain Tiles

  • Porcelain Tiles Design
    • A host of textures, patterns and colors to fit different style
    • Stylish and earthy design
    • Quality building material
  • Porcelain Tiles Manufacturing
    • Advanced production equipment and high efficiency
    • Professional and trained staff
    • 100% quality inspection before shipping
  • Porcelain Tiles Service
    • Rapid reply and quick quote
    • One stop shopping
    • Trackable order and on-time delivery
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