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Massage Bathtubs

Massage Bathtubs

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Wholesale Massage Bathtubs (Whirlpool Bath & Spa Jetted Tubs)

If you are looking for bath accessories, you can turn your bath into a jacuzzi just by laying it in the Hydromassage bathtubs at, which has a wide selection of low-priced but high quality whirlpool tubs and jet baths! In, you have several models, with different characteristics and prices. You will surely find one that fits what you are looking for.

About Hydromassage Tubs (Jacuzzi - Air/Water Jetted Spa Baths)

A whirlpool bath where bubbles and hot water gush out from the holes in the bathtub. It used to be thought of as a luxury item, but as its benefits became known, there are more affordable products, and there seems to be more houses that install household whirlpool baths.

The jet bath has various effects such as massage effect by stimulation of jet spout, good for skin, relaxing effect, warming of the body, etc., but its function and size vary depending on the manufacturer. However, most household massage baths have a jet function added to the unit bath. In this case, there are types where the holes for ejecting water flow are on the bottom of the bathtub and those on the wall surface, the number of holes is different, and the strength of the jet is different. In addition, depending on the product, the angle of the jet can be adjusted, and the performance such as filtration function and heat retention function also differs.

There is also an outdoor whirlpool bath that can be placed on the wooden deck of a detached house, and the size is abundant, from small ones that can be entered by about 2 to 3 people to large ones that about 8 people can put at the same time. This type is often referred to as "Jacuzzi", but there are cases where it refers to the general whirlpool bath and "spa bath".

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Your Trustworthy Hydro Massage Bathtub Supplier & Manufacturer

The quality and design of our massage bathtubs, the excellence in service and the constant search for innovation for more than 10+ years have made our indoor and outdoor whirlpool tubs outstanding in worldwide market! The hydromassage bathtubs of your dreams must be completely resistant and of first quality, it must also be very practical and meet all your expectations. With our jet tub models, you will revalue your room and garden with easy access for the whole family. At overseas hotels, our whirlpool tubs are also often installed in outdoor pools, spas, sports clubs, etc.

  • Sizes, materials, styles, colors, shapes, and functions are all available to meet your special demand.
  • Ideal durable,fashionable, and cost-effective bath choice for private and commercial applications.
  • High-quality standards and the finest value at reasonable rates, certifications include CE and ISO 9001
  • Fast turnround, timely delivery, warranty for three years and responsible after-sales service
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