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Granite Tiles - Granite Floor Tile & Granite Wall Tile

What is Granite Tile? As the name suggested, it’s a type of tile made of the natural stone - Granite, which is formed in very old geological layers. With marble, slate, limestone and travertine, granite tile is one of the 5 main types of natural stone tiles used for flooring. Extremely robust and durable, granite is the second strongest natural stone in the world, most resistant to mechanical and chemical agents. so Granite Tile an excellent choice for all your indoor and outdoor furniture due to their natural qualities. Granite Stone tile is very heat resistant, waterproof and stain resistant, so it is ideal for kitchens, countertops, barbecues and fireplaces. On the other hand, as it is naturally non-slip, Granite Floor Tile is perfect for use on bathrooms, terraces and outside stairs.

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granite floor tiles
granite floor tiles

Hanse Granite Tile - Your Best Choice For Granite Floor, Wall, Décor Tiles

Hanse Granite tiles makes a kitchen or bathroom counter look glitzy, modern and fashionable, and it is relatively easy to maintain and clean. Our Floor and Decor Granite stone tiles give your room a timeless and elegant appeal. In addition, we have a wide range of colors, styles, patterns and sizes of granite wall tiles and granite floor tiles, which allows us to make suggestions fully adapted to your tastes and your interior decoration. Trust us, we are experts in the field of tile manufacturing, we can guide you and give you wise advice!

Advantages of Our Marble Stone Tiles & Marble Look Tile

  • Granite Tiles Quality & Prices

    - High quality materials and 100% nature granite stone
    - Easy to maintain, adapt to floor, wall, decor
    - Guarantee every tile’s positive performance
    - Competitive price to ensure wholesale profit

  • Granite Tiles Manufacturing

                            - Professional designer and skilled staff
    - Advanced production technology and equipment
    - 100% quality inspection before shipping

  • Granite Tiles Service

    - Quick reply
    - Trackable order and on-time delivery
    - One stop shopping from inquiry to shipping

granite floor tiles
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