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What Is Polished Tile?

What is polished tiles? polished tiles are exactly ceramic & porcelain tiles with a highly polished finish which is formed by grinding the surface of the tile with a diamond disk. Polished tiles stand for style and elegance. The beautiful, shiny surface provides excellent light reflection, also make a statement on the wall and floor which is great in all living areas. Whether stylish flooring in the kitchen or exclusive spa feeling in the bathroom, polished tiles are timeless all-rounders when it comes to interior design. The reflecting surface has a room-enlarging effect. Polished tiles find their place in all living rooms. This high quality coating comes in different finishes, to suit the tastes and needs of each.

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Polished Tiles Design Ideas

Industrial style bedroom:

For a cool and contemporary look bedroom, why not go for grey polished floor tiles? Injecting some industrial style into your home, grey is an increasingly popular colour - offering the perfect compromise between light and dark finishes.

Luxurious kitchen:

Choose black polished tiles flooring to create a luxurious finish, ideal for kitchens or hallways. Add a touch of glamour to your home.

Bright bathroom with polished tiles white color:

When it comes to choosing the perfect bathroom finish, the classic white polished floor tiles will be the best choice. Has features of easy to clean and resistant to water, these vibrant polished white tiles are guaranteed to brighten up even the darkest bathrooms.

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What Are The Advantages Of Polished Tiles?

  • Water-resistant: Polishing provides the tile with a strong water resistant characteristic. They are pronounced as perfect for any area that has exposure to water and moisture.
  • Stain-resistant: Polished tile dexterously resists against stains and scratches. Polishing saves the tile from catching stains and scratches, and helps maintain the shine for long.
  • Economical: Polished ceramic/porcelain tiles are present in wide color and design options. They can have the texture of even natural material as marble and granite, and wood. But the prices, at which they are sold, are far less than real ones.

Hanse Polished Tiles Wholesale - Top Quality Marble, Ceramic, Porcelain Polished Tiles Supplier

Hanseceramictile is your best polished tile manufacturer, offers you high-quality, durable polished floor tiles and polished wall tiles in various designs. Offering modern to classic appeal, our porcelain and ceramic polished tile flaunts a shiny finish. Whether in uni-color or marble look, the polished surface creates a noble look. After production, the tiles are sanded to obtain the attractive sheen. Polished porcelain stoneware tiles are an ideal choice because they are very sturdy due to their material density. You can get benefit from high water-stain resistance, durability and extreme hardness. So the floor tiles can be laid without hesitation in entrances and in households with pets. Buy durable polished tiles at Hanseceramictile shop to leave your home looking classy and welcoming!

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How Do I Pick The Size Of Polished Finish Tile?

Size matters when it comes to tiles. Small tiles are great for creating interest and detail, while larger tiles are excellent at creating the illusion of space. When it comes to polished porcelain floor tiles, 600x600mm is an ideal size for flooring - creating a uniform surface and making your room look larger.

How To Clean & Maintain Polished Tiles?

  1. When cleaning and mopping the floor, please try to use dry mop instead of wet mop. You can use household detergent such as detergent, washing powder, or detergent to clean the stain of the polished floor, and wax regularly according to the usage. The time interval is 2-3 months. After air drying, Polish again to keep the brick surface as bright as new.
  2. With soap and a little ammonia water or the mixture of the same amount of linseed turpentine, the decontamination performance is stronger, and the polished tile floor/wall can be wiped to be more shiny.
  3. If there is a little scratch on the tile polished surface, apply white toothpaste on the scratch and wipe it with soft white cloth.

Benefits Of Polished Tiles Hanse

  • Huge variety of shapes, sizes,+ styles and colours available
  • Modern and classic design add glamour to any room
  • Shiny finish makes a room feel larger
  • Excellent light reflection, durable, easy-to-clean
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What Is The Difference Between Glossy And Polished Tiles?

  • Planeness: The texture of polished tile is relatively simple, and the glossiness is relatively low, so when it is laid, it will be more flat, and there will be a clean and elegant feeling, but the texture of  glossy tiles will be more lifelike and bright, and when it is laid, it will have a little ups and downs, giving a sense of natural fashion.
  • Texture and luster: Because the firing temperature of polished tile is high and the firing time is long, the agglomerates of polished finish tiles will be relatively single, but they will also look thick, which will give you a more real feeling, and the texture of high gloss tiles will be more natural and rich. In terms of luster and hand feeling, tiles with glossy finish are better than tiles with polished finish.
  • Water absorption: In fact, many people should know that for tiles, the harder the hardness, the lower water absorption, and the higher the gloss, the higher the specialty is about water absorption, so in fact, we can infer the water absorption of tiles just by looking at the luster of the surface of tiles. The more water absorption tiles are, the longer their service life will be, and they are also easy to clean, So in terms of water absorption, polished tiles will be better.
  • Conclusion: Both high gloss porcelain tile and polished ceramic tile are easy to maintain and durable. They are stain-resistant, water-resistant, and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Polished tiles are easy to clean and maintain. It can be swept and mopped with ease.
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