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Wall Lights

Why Wall Lights

As an auxiliary lighting fixture, wall lighting has decorative function. They are mostly installed in balconies, stairs, corridors, entrance and bedrooms. The light of wall is elegant and harmonious, which can make the indoor atmosphere become elegant, rich and romantic, so as to brighten your home. They take up minimal space and come in an array of styles to fit any room and budget. The main common are wall sconces, under cabinet lighting, night lights, more indoor wall lights and outdoor wall lights. Just try using wall lights to illuminate shadowy corners, brighten a dark reading spot, or add a pop of visual interest to your walls.

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Wall Lighting Ideas - How To Decorate Your House With Wall Lights & Lamps

Wall Lighting For Bedroom

Choose soft and warm colored light for bedroom. Wall lamp and floor lamp can be used to replace the ceiling light in the center of the room. Diffuse material lampshade with low surface brightness should be used for wall lighting. The wall above the head of the bed is equipped with a tan colored engraved glass wall light, which has a simple, elegant and profound charm. Not only for the bedside table to make room for other items, but also suitable for sitting in bed to read or get up at night, and the soft light makes the bedroom covered with a light hazy beauty. It is suitable for reading in bed or getting up at night, and the soft light makes the bedroom covered with light hazy beauty.

Wall Light For Corridor & Entrance

The wall light of corridor is generally placed at the door to facilitate the lighting of entrance. Add some decorations around the wall light, such as hanging pictures, to set off a better effect.

Wall Lights
Wall Lights

Wall Lighting For Dining Room

The wall light & lamp with warm color is properly configured on the wall near the dining table, which will make the atmosphere warmer when entertaining guests, and can increase appetite. It also provides local lighting for the dining room area.

Wall Lighting For Living Room

You can add elegant, space-saving lighting to your home by hanging a wall sconce or two in your living room. Whether you want old-fashioned candle wall sconces for a rustic feel or contemporary wall sconces to complement your modern decor, you can create a pleasant atmosphere with the right lighting.

Wall Lighting For Bathroom

The bathroom with larger area can be decorated with wall light or celing light. It is better to use wall light instead of ceiling light in toilet, so as to avoid water vapor condensation on lamps, which will affect lighting and corrode lamps. Choose wall light with moisture-proof performance for bath lighting, and the light is integrated into the bath, sending out a warm atmosphere, which makes the body and mind relax.

Wall Lights

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Tips On How To Install Wall Lighting

  1. Mark the position of expansion screw on the wall according to the hole on the wall light hanging board.
  2. When drilling on the marked points on the wall with an electric drill, first understand the circuit layout first, do not drill to the wire, but pay attention to the depth of the hole drilled.
  3. After drilling the hole, you can start to install the expansion screw. First, insert the expansion screw into the hole that has been drilled, and then use a hammer or other things to drive the expansion screw into the wall until it is completely embedded in the wall.
  4. Put the wood screw through the hole of the wall light hanging plate, and then fix it on the expansion screw. Pay attention to the alternate fixation on both sides, so as to avoid the deviation of the wood screw.
  5. Connect the hanging plate and the ceiling plate with screws, and screw on the smooth head screw to fix the ceiling plate. Then, connect the electric wire of the wall lighting with the power line, and install the wall light.
Wall Lights
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