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3D Tile Trends 2020 - What Are The Most Popular Styles Of 3D Tiles In 2020
2020/4/20 16:01:11

Now we not only need 3D for movies, but also 3D for printing. Even the tiles we usually use for decoration have 3D styles. The ceramic & porcelain tile with plane pattern, texture and three-dimensional sense has gradually become the decoration element that favored by everyone. From reflecting light at different angles to casting unique shadows, 3D tiles can make any wall stand out. 3D tiles also add an extra finesse to a space that an ordinary subway tile wouldn't do. So what are the most popular styles of 3D tiles in 2020? 

3D Tile Trends 2020 - 5 Most Popular Styles Of 3D Tiles In 2020

1. Super Three-Dimensional Triangle Modeling

This triangular ceramic tile can be said to be very classic. There are many changes in its splicing form. We can assemble it in various ways like a jigsaw puzzle. Of course, different splicing will produce different effects, with subtle changes. Using it as part of the wall decoration, the lower edge is deliberately "uneven", leaving a triangular serrated gap, and then a triangular decorative painting, everything is lively and interesting.

Disrelish wall space open? Use it to make a picture like theme wall in the middle. Too flat walls suddenly have a sense of texture, although the color is single, but it is rich enough.

2. Hexagon 3D Tiles Full Of Science Fiction

The hexagonal tiles remind us of the white hexagon mosaic in childhood, but now it has a larger volume and a strong concave-convex texture. There is a kind of digital science fiction feeling with clear edges and corners.

3D tiles design ideas.png

All of them are concave and convex 3D models, which may cause the discomfort of "dizziness". As shown in the figure, the best choice is to mix the plane and the three-dimensional, and make irregular jumps on the sorting!

If you think that the hexagonal tile above is too "concave-convex" and difficult to control, you will be recommended two relatively soft hexagonal 3D tiles. Their three-dimensional sense is not so strong, it can be said that the soft and gentle zone has some texture sense. The middle of the hexagon is covered with a triangle, and the sides of the triangle are slightly curved, weakening some of the cold and hard work. Thin lines and not strong concave-convex feeling make it a little "gentle" in the sense of science fiction.

3. Can Be Used As Gradual Tile Shape

This kind of shape of the 3D effect tile is a rookie in the ceramic & porcelain tile industry. Different from the fish scale ceramic tile popular in the past few years, it completely breaks the plane, and really creates the effect of roof tiles layer by layer!

What's more interesting is that if we carefully arrange the color arrangement, it can also create many wonderful effects, such as gradient, color matching, etc.

4. Beautiful Flower Shape

3D tiles are not all rigid geometric modeling, soft and beautiful flower patterns can also walk in the three-dimensional wind. 

They are as delicate as porcelain carvings. Each petal is exquisite and extraordinary. The aestheticism can replace wallpaper. They also have a stronger sense of three-dimensional, more vivid and easier to clean up! The petal design is very delicate, each flower can be perfectly connected with the adjacent flowers. 

5. Stylish Woven Shape

In addition to interior decoration, in fact, the facade of many buildings also uses 3D tile decoration.

This kind of 3D effect tile is very suitable for outdoor application. With the light, it can show the light and shadow effect that ordinary ceramic tiles cannot form, like making the building wear a woven coat. It looks square. In fact, it creates some flowing effects with arcs, like cloth or rattan grass.

Careful observation, its surface is also covered with small stripes, whether it is far or near enough delicate. And different colors can be matched at will. Pure white is clean and flawless, and colorful gouache is dreamy. You can customize different 3D tiles for different spaces!

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