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Black Polished Glass Mosaic Tile Loading Image
Black Polished Glass Mosaic Tile

Black Polished Glass Mosaic Tile

: Black: YQ1005-2
  • YQ1005-0
  • YQ1089-2
  • YQ1102-1
  • YQ1091-1
  • YQ1097-0
  • YQ1099=4
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  • YQ1110-1
  • YQ1082-1
300 x 300mm
Product Details
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  • Size
    300 x 300mm
Product Description

Hanse 300 x 300mm Black Polished Glass Mosaic Wall Tile made of the dazzling glass material is in a bumpy hexagon bond design with dark grey, black, and white colors, polished finish enhances the shine and the accomplished installment of the tiles can show distinct and realistic mosaic effect. Our Glass Mosaic Tile is popular with its high/low-temperature resistance, high practicality, wear resistance, little maintenance, attractive design, premium quality, competitive price, and high durability. You can apply it to create a smooth surface on your wall, increase modern fashion to your room, they are especially perfect for the bathroom wall and kitchen wall, for building up distinctive walls with the striking crossed geometric pattern of different colors.

black glass mosaic tile

mosaic effect wall tiles

Tile Certifications
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-1
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-2
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-3
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-4
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Hanse Tiles
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    Free sample order is provided, but the transportation fee should be paid by yourself. We ship the goods via Guangzhou port.

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    We offer design scheme and effect drawing, helping you realise your vision for the most beautiful, effective and functional environments.

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    Our products for sale including: bathroom accessories, sanitary ware, lamps, sockets, ceramic tiles and kitchen cabinets products.

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    For more products please feel free to contact us. We accept online video chat that(whatsapp/wechat: +13927765473) you can get closer to visit our showroom and we’ll show you all of our ceramic tiles, switch & socket, lighting, sanitary ware, bathroom products and cabinet products.

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  • 22 Customer Reviews
  • 4.8 out of 5 stars overall
95% of customers recommended.
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Attribute Ratings
I like the appearance of the tiles around my bathtub and bathroom floor. In a house in Hawaii, we are using 1300 square feet of tiles from floor to ceiling to finish the bathroom decoration four times
Home Depot's selection of installers used a two person team (Jose and Jose), who were just outstanding, Jose told me what they would do and let me fully understand his progress because they went (it was a two-day job)
In fact, ceramic tiles are generally not broken. I bought some second times, wrapped in foam film, and not damaged. It's just an extra freight. Wood grain brick shop room or better. Tile received, texture clear, color is exactly the same, very good-looking color.
Finally, the decoration is over. The quality of ceramic tiles is very good. It's very high-end and atmospheric. The neighbors also want to buy the tiles through links. The tiles are really loved. Fortunately, they have no color difference like the pictures. The packaging they sent is intact and thick. Several people helped to move them. Wait for the decoration to be finished, and put on the renderings.
The service attitude of tile buyers is very good, the delivery speed is also very fast, each kind of brick is given more pieces, the quality of the brick is very good, especially bright. And it's very pleasant to go upstairs without any effort. Who's going to decorate the house next time? It's sure that the bricks from this house are of good quality, low price and good service. Well received! Tiles have been received, the color is very atmospheric, the overall look is very beautiful and very satisfied.
The size accuracy of ceramic tile marble is unprecedented. It will not be damaged if it is lifted high and dropped. The color is super positive without color difference and peculiar smell, which is highly recommended. Very good quality, wear-resistant and antiskid. Cheaper than other brands of tiles.
The tiles are good, the effect is very good. The tiles are great. Crystal luster. Transparent and bright, anti pollution and easy to clean, durable. The cutting angle is flat and clean. Definitely recommend someone else to buy it.
Tile just finished, effect Explosion! The ceramic tile logistics is very fast. It's very considerate when it's delivered to the house. It's disassembled for inspection. The quality of the brick is good. I don't understand the hardness and wear resistance, but I like the texture and color very much. The after-sales service ofHanse is also proper.
It's not gray. More like Taupe. The border is rust colored. It doesn't go with the ink blue of the black edge.
Tiles are packed tightly. The color and quality are beyond our expectation. Finally, we have our own home. We are also very excited. We are looking forward to moving in soon. We do everything ourselves. Tiles tiling, we also closely follow the progress, the more we paste, the better the effect, the more we like! We are also quite satisfied with the designs recommended by the shopkeeper. Sure enough, we have to find professional people. The logistics is also followed up by the shopkeeper in the whole process. It's the same service as other brands of ceramic tiles. It's delivered home, and the price is much cheaper. When I received the goods, I also patiently told me what should be paid attention to in tiling, such as leaving seams, or making any color of seaming agent. I wish the store a prosperous business! It is said that all the glazes have certain radians, but the flatness of the tiles is quite good. Pay attention to the selection of a good tiling worker. A good tiling worker can add to the cake, and a poor tiling worker can pave the flat tiles unevenly.
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