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Switches And Sockets
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Dark Grey Matte Porcelain Wall Tile Loading Image
Dark Grey Matte Porcelain Wall Tile

Dark Grey Matte Porcelain Wall Tile

Color(1): Dark GreyModel: HFQ126019
  • d80e480e8b5a1da21903388398375630
Finish Feature Size
600 x 1200mm
Product Details
  • Place Of Origin :
  • Brand Name :
  • Model Number :
  • Size :
    600 x 1200mm
  • Shape :
  • Customized :
  • Certification :
  • Type :
    Rustic Tile
  • Kg/Box :
  • Pcs/Box :
  • M2/Box :
  • Grade :
  • Delivery Time :
    7-20 Days After Receive Payment
  • Guarantee :
    More Than 15 Years
  • Trademark :
  • Transport Package :
    in Standard Export Wooden Pallet and Carton Packi
  • Specification :
Product Description
1.Product parameter:
Tile Certifications
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-1
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-2
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-3
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-4
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Tiles are particularly beautiful. I bought them for my father. By comparison, the quality of tiles is the same as that of other brands, but the price is much cheaper, which can save nearly half. The quality of ceramic tile is good, solid, smooth and delicate, and the color is good.
Looking at the tiles for a long time, I've aligned myself with this one. It's made in a simple European style. It's magnificent. It's high-end and atmospheric. I specially invited tillers to make processing and matching. Finally, it's finished perfectly. The tiles especially like this style. The courtyard looks unique! The quality is also very good! It's not slippery at all.
Tiles have been received, the quality is very good, the packaging is intact, it is much cheaper than other brands of tiles, you can rest assured that you need to place an order! The quality of ceramic tile is good, and there are many patterns. Although it takes some time to lay small tiles, the effect is just right!
Tile shop floor needs to buy this kind of thick floor tile. It's permanent. It's a little expensive for postage. Everything else is solid. The color is resistant to dirt. Some of the tiles are naturally different from the artificial stone. The anti-skid effect of the tiles is good. There's no need to worry about the elderly and children at home,
If the tiles are reissued, the goods will be delivered in time. I haven't seen anything yet. Post it and then add it. Other brands also saw a lot of ceramic tiles, online cost-effective is very high, bought a sample back to see that the quality is very good absolute online shopping, service is also very perfect!
Tile scratch resistant, no color difference, affordable price. Satisfied, the quality of tiles is really good, the color is also very good. After receiving the tiles, they all said that they would introduce the customer to the contact information and then buy them. It's really a surprise. The customer service attitude is also good. I can't be patient and answer any questions. Thank you for the happy shopping!
But I used these white clothes to make a kitchen in my house 100 years ago. I had to work around electrical appliances and cabinets of different heights. They worked very well, it was easy to do the level and cut to the right size and people in Roche really helpful steps, and at the end of the project, they cut the tiles to fill the smallest space free of charge
The quality of ceramic tiles is very good, the price is not high, the cost performance is very high, it is not the first time to buy back, the quality of ceramic tiles is very good, anti-skid and wear-resistant, the main price is very preferential, much cheaper than other brands of ceramic tiles.
The quality of ceramic tile is very good, the texture is delicate and clear, smooth and bright, the package is strict, the quality is good and the price is cheap, which is much cheaper than other brands of ceramic tile! It is strongly not recommended that you buy on the Internet. Replenishment and return are troublesome. You can really return more and make up less. You need to find another bricklayer for replenishment. Return can only return one box Unless your calculations are particularly accurate. The quality of the bricks is OK. I think the color difference is still some. Compared with other brands of tiles, I don't think there is an obvious price advantage. Let's go more about the real thing. This price can also buy a good one.
The quality of ceramic tiles and wall tiles is very good. They have texture when pasted on the wall, which improves the overall level in an instant, and the logistics is also very fast. In a word, they are very satisfied, very good! Tiles, like Hanse's description, are of good quality, no color difference, cheap and worth buying.
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