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Grey Glazed Artificial Stone Tile Loading Image
Grey Glazed Artificial Stone Tile

Grey Glazed Artificial Stone Tile

Color(23): GreyModel: HKP715201
  • 51ce76a4def43fb5195eddec043d8000
  • 919226edd96a9f981c918e9a149b49f0
  • 94c108049e5f4fefe9512c35df22b6ce
  • dc2703beadbc01ea117f86ccac1f29f6
  • 9f815504af66965a4004ba2050121d28
  • 4d1350c9ec07ff9ca0affc191c5ece13
  • d4ee898f7fb7a527aa80e4fcd683cde3
  • 4e995593e688c35652e20fad6b2a791f
  • 267704e80548070a2d2c4394bbd245ea
  • 25c09a438106c7f3dffef0499684990a
  • 62d300e81d8b97e817f62bb5b30ffc6a
  • d768698ddb07bf7b3c929fff11906c9d
  • 354925bbac90288eb5b4873977e1dfa3
  • 1d851ef358a6680ee1ba9aec37853b2e
  • b0053d91bc59d311830fa249835176eb
  • 2c6afd6ce2266fe150a6e17669a77bc4
  • f3ae5e1357aba4ee7d03e70575043bc8
  • 5b0820cee5f44e5137d93efb14b4e937
  • 246255a018c1e0f7f1d2f01da8a5a0eb
  • 53135392adfb2a4242e3d99905014137
  • 94fc26d20969ec2b7286bc63c5fee4bd
  • 92ba04554636367221a768a7e3ecee42
Product Details
  • Place Of Origin :
  • Brand Name :
  • Model Number :
  • Size :
    Customized Size
  • Thickness :
  • Waterabsorption :
  • Certification :
    CE, ISO9001
  • Customized :
  • Type :
    Anion Energy Stone
  • Kg/Box :
  • Pcs/Box :
  • Box/Pallet :
  • Grade :
  • Delivery Time :
    7-20 Days After Receive Payment
  • Guarantee :
    More Than 15 Years
  • Trademark :
  • Transport Package :
    in Standard Export Wooden Pallet and Carton Packi
  • Specification :
Product Description
1.Product parameter:
Tile Certifications
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-1
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-2
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-3
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-4
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Tiles bought gray living room tiles and white stone grain kitchen and bathroom tiles, a total of more than 10000 yuan. They were delivered from Hanse headquarters. The logistics was very fast. The elevator room was directly delivered upstairs. The service was good, and the customer service was very patient. After the purchase, any problems were solved. Tiles logistics was fast, and the floor board quality was good, good-looking, and easy to handle. Friends in need can buy at ease!
The tiles have been received. The quality is very good. The surface texture is clear, smooth and easy to clean. It's very good. The tile friend introduced it to me and bought it. Finally, the customer service gave me a little discount. I'm very satisfied. I really don't need to worry about anything. The customer service is arranged in a clear way. I'm very congenial with the young man, so I'm asked to arrange his ticket to let the customer service arrange all the decoration for me. I'll invite the customer service for dinner later, ha ha.
Tile quality is good, the effect is very generous, glossiness is very good! Looking at the tiles for a long time, I've aligned myself with this one. It's made in a simple European style. It's elegant and high-end and atmospheric. I specially invited tillers to make processing and matching. Finally, it's completed perfectly.
When I go to my local store, their price tag is 7. 95, but the correct price is 1. 99, no trouble to get the appearance of ceramic tile back baffle and a small part of real ceramic tile cost
The natural stone feel of ceramic tile is very good, the surface texture and workmanship are not the effect that artificial cultural stone can achieve, the price is also OK, the service is also good, within the scope of psychological acceptance, the tiles are being laid and pasted, and the beautiful pictures are shared after pasting. I'm looking forward to it very much. The things have just arrived, the patterns of ceramic tiles are very good, I like them, and they will buy back.
Ceramic tile culture stone background wall is good, fine workmanship and good service attitude of the seller. Satisfied. The price of ceramic tiles is too expensive in the local market. I still choose to buy them online, which saves a lot. The quality is the same as that in the local market.
This type of ceramic tile has been compared with several others on the Internet. Later, this one was chosen. The quality of the received products is good, the color is bright, wear-resistant and anti-skid, Hanse's service attitude is also good, the glaze of the ceramic tile is smooth, the size is standard, and the pattern is good.
The shape of the ceramic tile slate is very good-looking and anti-skid. It is thicker than that seen in the picture. It has been paved. The collocation of various shapes is very beautiful. The yard is totally new. The slate style is very unique and unique. It has been paved with a good-looking online shopping. The tile paving effect is very satisfactory, the quality is good, and there is no damage. I feel that the real object looks more texture and praise.
The tile surface is flat and smooth, the texture is clear, there is no color difference, and there is no peculiar smell after dragging. It's easy to clean, and the price is also affordable. It's very satisfactory. It's cost-effective. The overall packaging is up to grade. It's worth it. The tiles haven't been installed yet. Let me have a look at these materials. Have a good look at the brightness and flatness. I'm looking forward to the great effect after pasting!
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