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Switches And Sockets
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Grey Glazed Ceramic Tile Loading Image
Grey Glazed Ceramic Tile

Grey Glazed Ceramic Tile

Color(2): GreyModel: HJL361210H
  • HJL361210H-0
  • HJL361213H-0
Finish Feature Size
300 x 600mm
Product Details
  • Place Of Origin :
  • Brand Name :
  • Model Number :
  • Size :
    300 x 600mm
Product Description


Tile Certifications
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-1
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-2
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-3
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-4
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Tiles look very beautiful. They are really the same as wood floors. But if they are sanitary, they are very easy to take care of. The quality is very good. I need to buy them next time. The bluestone tiles are so good. My friends come to play at home and say they are beautiful. They don't slip in rainy days.
The effect of this kind of ceramic tile is absolutely superior in atmosphere, and the color of cloud limestone is good. The quality is good, after the new shop, the effect is very satisfied! Ceramic tile is exquisite, durable, and the price is reasonable. Express delivery is awesome.
Originally, my family didn't agree to buy it online. After receiving the goods, it was OK. My husband was also very satisfied. Basically, there was no color difference. The tiles and glazes were very bright. They were excellent products, and they were not damaged. They were much better than the quality of miscellaneous brands. I'm satisfied. I don't usually write evaluations. But for the first time, I bought such a large amount of things online. Still write about the feeling. At the beginning, I was a little uneasy. I'm afraid that the tiles received have color difference. I don't know how to move such heavy goods upstairs. Fortunately,Hanse delivered the goods to our door. Send it directly to home. I have seen the folding box and compared the pictures of mobile phones. There is basically no color difference. The tiles are also complete.
Ceramic tile is good. I want the color. It's very popular this year. It's also more resistant to dirt. The main reason is that I don't want to mop the floor. The delivery is very fast, the quality of tiles is very good, the store is very patient, cost-effective, well received!
The store's packaging is very strict and intact. The color of the tiles is not different from the color. The beautiful patterns are also clear. The tiles Hanse is very good. There are many more. I'm afraid the road will break. I wish Hanse a prosperous business.
The service attitude of the tile shopkeeper is very good, and the delivery is very fast. The quality of the goods is also quite good. I like it so much, thank you! The tiles are received, good quality, affordable price, fast logistics, and worth buying.
Hanse, the best friend of ceramic tile, was bought in this house the year before last. If you can save it, you can save it. Anyway, we have seen a large amount of houses in the local area. The total price has been saved a lot. It took a long time before and after the combination of water jet and modeling. Generally speaking, it's still very satisfactory. The ceramic tile has been received, the package is complete, the workmanship is fine, and the glaze is smooth Clear, affordable, and buy back.
Tile shop is fast shipping, logistics is also very strong, the floor tile quality is good, the appearance is awesome, the tiles are received, the seller service is very good, the delivery is fast, the packing is intact, has not broken, the surface is smooth, has no scratch, is I want, I love very much.
This ceramic tile looks very like. I went to many other brands of ceramic tiles that are almost not so beautiful. The quality of ceramic tiles is very good, the packaging is in place, the service is in place, and the full score is good.
Tiles received, the quality is very good, the color is good-looking, I like it very much, well received, ceramic tile drill received, the packaging is very good, there is no damage, cost-effective, beautiful colors, the quality is also very good, the flower surface is smooth and bright, anti-skid and wear-resistant, very damp, cost-effective, very thick, good quality, very satisfied.
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