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Recently Viewed Products
Grey Ml-001 310X310mm Traditional Chinese Roof Tiles Sale/ Camouflage Roofing Tile/ Decorative Roof Ridge Tiles Loading Image
Grey Ml-001 310X310mm Traditional Chinese Roof Tiles Sale/ Camouflage Roofing Tile/ Decorative Roof Ridge Tiles

Grey Ml-001 310X310mm Traditional Chinese Roof Tiles Sale/ Camouflage Roofing Tile/ Decorative Roof Ridge Tiles

: Grey: ML-00113
  • 08f01f78346ba7ef865ecbd996d46b80
225 x 220mm
310 x 310mm
Product Details
  • Model Number
  • Colors
  • Tilesapplicationplace
  • Application
  • Projectsolutioncapability
  • Warranty
    3 years
  • Designstyle
  • Shape
    raised grain
  • Pattern
    latest design
  • Size
    225 x 220mm, 310 x 310mm
  • After-Saleservice
    Online technical support
  • Type
    chinese roofing tile, clay
  • Guarantee
    Colorfast & 50 years life time
  • Name
    traditional chinese roof tiles sale
Product Description

ML-001 310x310mm traditional chinese roof tiles sale/ camouflage roofing tile/ decorative roof ridge tiles

Raw materials

Nature red clay body

Brand Name

Red Lion

Available color

Yellow, green, red, grey, maroon

Normal size

Main cover tile

Main bottom tile

Face cover tile

Face bottom tile
ML-009:170x105x60mm,0.9kg/pc,20pcs/carton. length/0.23m

Manufacturing method

Extruded, glazed, fired in tunnel kiln

Pressure resistance

Resistance to compression>1800N

Temper resistance

High temperature fired in kiln≥1250°C




1. How do I know your quality?
High solution detailed photos and free sample will be able to verify our quality.
2. Are you a trading company or factory?
We're factory. We manufacture products ourselves.
3. I'm a home owner and I need small quantity, what can I do?
Please check with our sales team if it's in stock or if we have distributor locally.
4. Can I get a door to door service? or can I get the tiles delivered to my door?
Yes, we offer delivery to your door service, which makes your work easy.
5. Can I get a sample first? And how does it charge?
Yes, free sample is available with freight collect or prepaid.
6. What if the tiles are broken during transition?
All our products are insurance, our after sales will sort our the reasons and will sure you'll be properly compensated.
7. What's the benefit for long term importers or distributors?
For those regular customers, we offer incredible discount, sample free shipping, free sample for custom design, custom packaging and QC as per custom requirements.
8. Can you make products from our designs?
Yes, we do OEM and OBM.
9. How do I make payment?
We received PayPal western union and directly bank transfer to our company account. If above are all unavailable, we will issue you a PayPal invoice and you simply pay by credit card


 If you have more query, please feel free to contact with us,thank you.

Tile Certifications
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-1
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-2
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-3
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-4
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  • Free Sample

    Free sample order is provided, but the transportation fee should be paid by yourself. We ship the goods via Guangzhou port.

  • Design Scheme

    We offer design scheme and effect drawing, helping you realise your vision for the most beautiful, effective and functional environments.

  • Product Types

    Our products for sale including: bathroom accessories, sanitary ware, lamps, sockets, ceramic tiles and kitchen cabinets products.

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    For more products please feel free to contact us. We accept online video chat that(whatsapp/wechat: +13927765473) you can get closer to visit our showroom and we’ll show you all of our ceramic tiles, switch & socket, lighting, sanitary ware, bathroom products and cabinet products.

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Tiles have been received! The logistics is very fast, the packaging is intact, there is no damage, the color tiles are very delicate, the quality of tiles is very good, the color and luster are very good. Workmanship is also very good, no flaws, can not handle, very good! The color is very suitable for decoration style.
I feel that the logistics is so fast. I haven't waited much, and I've already sent it home. Ceramic tile is good, it's my favorite light blue and pink. It looks small, fresh and lovely. You don't need to be afraid to wet your hair when you wash your face. The ceramic tile is of good quality, and the package is strictly recommended.
The quality of ceramic tiles is very good, the quality is also very good, very satisfied with a shopping, saw many brands of ceramic tiles, and finally chose to buy this one. Very satisfied with the post. Affordable, high quality. There's no need to hesitate. Just buy it directly. You can't afford to lose or be cheated. It has been recommended to the neighbors. I'll buy it from here next time I need it. The experience is super good. Especially praise customer service Lele. Excellent attitude. Give a free estimate of how many tiles you need. I really appreciate it.
This Madeira polished tile is gorgeous, with a real wood appearance and a little chalk on the surface, but it's easy to clean and mop. The tile floor is good, the service attitude of the store is also good, and the tiles are very distinctive and beautiful.
The quality of ceramic tile bluestone board is very good, the workmanship is very fine, the anti-skid effect is also very good, natural stone is good, with stone grain, the paving effect is very good, very satisfied! Ceramic tiles are of good quality, high price, fine workmanship and authentic materials. They are very good and trustworthy. Good products are recommended to share with friends. I wish Hanse a prosperous business and a prosperous financial source.
The logistics is very fast, it's a surprise after receiving it. The glossiness of the tiles is very good, and they're also very strong. The patterns are of high grade. The house is European style, and they will be bought back again. The quality of the tiles is good, and the anti-skid tiles have no taste.
Ceramic tiles are fast in logistics, intact in packaging, good in quality, good in color and dirt resistance. When the whole room is installed, I feel tall and like it very much! Ceramic tiles are too beautiful, shiny, good in quality and worth more.
Very satisfied with the design, in this ceramic tile finished two suites, cost-effective. At the beginning, I didn't know much about these brands, which were introduced by the designer. The customer service was also super patient. The matching scheme came out very quickly. The quality of the tiles was also good. The tiles were not damaged, the packaging was very good, and the cleaning quality was really good.
Ceramic tile logistics is very fast, the color is also very good-looking, is non slip material. Children don't have to worry about falling. Awesome, the tiles have been received, the quality is very good, the color is also my love, no color difference, I intend to come over to buy some living room to use this.
The all-in-one marble tile floor tile 800X800 is very beautiful, cost-effective, very like, will buy back! Tiles received goods, the quality is OK, the packaging is tight, there is no damage, praise.
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