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Beige Polished Porcelain Wall Tile Loading Image
Beige Polished Porcelain Wall Tile

Beige Polished Porcelain Wall Tile

Color(1): BeigeModel: Y12D6005-TFL-1
  • Y12D6005-TFL-1-1
Product Details
  • Place Of Origin :
    Guangdong,China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name :
  • Model Number :
  • Size :
    600 x 1200mm
Product Description

Elevate the look of your home with this gorgeous Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile. This 600 x 1200mm porcelain tile comes in beige and features a matte finish to help add style to your decor. It has a slight directional veining, which creates a textural look. After matte finish, this rectangular beige porcelain floor tile is non-slip, very suitable for old people and children. From the shiny surface, tangible texture, excellent permeability, and low water absorption, this series of 24 x 48 inch Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile in beige blends well with any decor design. This tile can withstand moderate to heavy traffic and is suitable for all residential and medium medium-duty commercial floors.


Featured Reviews
  • 19 Customer Reviews
  • 5 out of 5 stars overall
100% of customers recommended.
Overall Ratings
5stars (18)
4stars (1)
3stars (0)
2stars (0)
1stars (0)
Attribute Ratings
We only put it in the living room and corridor, but I also want to put it in the kitchen and bathroom. It's absolutely beautiful. I hope I can find more tiles, but this product is not available (the quantity needs to complete another room). In many Roy's shops, it's 75 and a half miles away from our home
The quality of ceramic tiles is very good, the color is also very good, I like it very much, it's very good, the workmanship is exquisite and beautiful, the thickness and density of ceramic tiles are very good, the color and style are beautiful, the use effect is very good and satisfactory.
Tiles received, the quality is very good, the packaging is very tight, cheaper than the shop bought, the quality is better than the shop bought, the next time will come, tiles received, the packaging is very good, the quality is better than the good evaluation in the imagination!
Tiles look very good, very competitive, and much more affordable than offline stores. The quality of tiles is very good, the workmanship is very delicate, the size is the same, there is no color difference for the pictures, the attitude of the seller is very good, and the logistics is very fast.
Tile size standard, the seller's packing is very careful, no damage. The color is also very good-looking, and the matching is very distinctive. The ceramic tile is very good, and the cost performance is very high, and it's very cost-effective. I had a talk with Hanse when I was cleaning out. It's very warm and detailed. I felt that it's best to place an order after comparing it. It didn't disappoint me as expected. As soon as I got it, I started it. It feels good. The appearance packaging is exquisite and excellent.
The brightness of ceramic tile is very high, and the brightness is also very high when the light is dark. The brick body is very thick, and there is no porcelain jumping in cutting, so the quality is good. The tiles are already in the process of being laid and pasted. All of them will be decorated years ago. The tiles are really good, flat and bright.
The tile floor is very good, convenient and easy to paste. The lines are very similar to the floor wood. The packaging is also very good and undamaged. Even the corners are complete. The whole room is brightened when it is pasted. The customer service is also very friendly and patient. The tile house needs to be decorated. Compared with many other houses, I finally placed an order here. It didn't let me down. It's very good, and the logistics is very fast.
The color of ceramic tile is better than expected, the texture is clear, the seller's service is very thoughtful, the package is very tight, there is no damage, very satisfied, yes, the diagonal of ceramic tile is equal, the size is error free, and the quality is satisfied.
Here's the tiles! Excellent quality! It looks very nice! First of all, I would like to praise the little sister of customer service. The service attitude is very good, professional and patient. Besides, the logistics and packing are strict. There is not a piece of broken tiles. I am very satisfied with the shopping.
The quality of tiles is very good, very satisfied. Bought and bought, the quality of tiles is very good, and the thickness is also good. Hanse is very conscientious, the express delivery is very fast, it's very timely, the customer service who doesn't understand is very patient to explain, thank you very much, next time you need to come.
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