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Switches And Sockets
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Grey Polished Ceramic Wall Tile Loading Image
Grey Polished Ceramic Wall Tile

Grey Polished Ceramic Wall Tile

Color(3): GreyModel: BG2010F07
  • BG2010F07-1
  • BG2010Q20-1
  • BG2012Q01-1
Product Details
  • Place Of Origin :
    Guangdong,China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name :
  • Model Number :
  • Size :
    1000 x 2000mm
  • Function :
    Acid-Resistant,Antibacterial,Heat Insulation,Non-Slip,Firebrick,Wear-Resistant,Fading Resistant
Product Description
ceramic floor & wall tile
ceramic floor & wall tile
Tile Certifications
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-1
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-2
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-3
  • Ceramic Tiles CE-4
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Hanse Tiles
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    Free sample order is provided, but the transportation fee should be paid by yourself. We ship the goods via Guangzhou port.

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    We offer design scheme and effect drawing, helping you realise your vision for the most beautiful, effective and functional environments.

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    Our products for sale including: bathroom accessories, sanitary ware, lamps, sockets, ceramic tiles and kitchen cabinets products.

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    For more products please feel free to contact us. We accept online video chat that(whatsapp/wechat: +13927765473) you can get closer to visit our showroom and we’ll show you all of our ceramic tiles, switch & socket, lighting, sanitary ware, bathroom products and cabinet products.

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The house came down at the end of May. Now I have a look at the tiles. I bought several of them. This one is very good. It's not scratched or dirty. The glue on the tiles is very good. It's very strong and sticky. The color is very good.
From the solid packaging appearance, Hanse has done a good job in tile protection. More than 4 tons of tiles have been shipped from Guangdong as well as expected. It's not damaged. It's true that the quality of the real thing is authentic tiles. It's not difficult to decorate. Now it's very convenient to buy anything. Ah, it's a good character. You have to answer questions and it's efficient. So the summary concept of buying tiles is very smooth Also very satisfied. The tiles are very good. They look very good!
Tile quality is good, anti-skid wear-resistant, imported glaze smooth and delicate, texture and touch are good, affordable, there is a need to buy back. Tiles to try to buy a few pieces of packaging is very complete, there is no damage, quality is OK, you can continue to start.
The quality of ceramic tile is very good, the workmanship is meticulous and smooth, the appearance is high-end and atmospheric, and the price is affordable. Tile packaging intact, lines are very clear, antiskid and durable, cheaper than other brands of tiles.
Tiles are convenient and practical, good service attitude of the seller is very good Very satisfied with a shopping, the effect of ceramic tiles is very good, the three-dimensional sense is strong, the price is economical and affordable, my friends said it was good, the store's packaging is very attentive, the packaging is very good, there is no damage, the quality of the bricks is good, there is no color difference with the pictures, the Tilers who decorate all said that the bricks are good, not worse than the ones bought in the store, the customer service attitude is very good, and the terrace of the next house is also ready to use this kind.
Tile color is very positive, glossiness is also very good, porcelain surface is smooth, tile is very neat, the size is also very grass standard, the effect of paste is in line with the expected effect. The ceramic tile color is gorgeous and has the texture, the side angle is regular, feels very comfortable in the hand, high praise.
The basement flooded our new house, had to replace the new carpet, and thought it was a good idea to spend extra money on tiling, so if this happens again, we're fine
The tiles are really good. The logistics said that you bought the tiles very well. The logistics workers are very good at talking. They are very satisfied with the service. The tiles have been pasted well. The quality of the tiles is very good. The anti-skid effect is good. It's very delicate. The seller's service is thoughtful.
Laying on the floor looks great, opening up the whole space, renovating our laundry this year, we're looking for different floor tiles, we've mixed a tile of the same size as our border, with the king's star Hanse tile as the center, this is a real head turner, it looks great
The first time I bought floor tiles on the Internet, tile tiliers all said that the quality was good, the glaze of the tiles was solid, and it would not spend when I scraped them with a blade. The next time I bought the tiles, I would choose the Hanse tiles for the decoration! I used theHansetiles, and I felt that there were a lot of lights at home. A big brand is a model with a big brand, and the money is worth it!
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