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Wood Look Mosaic Tiles
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Mosaic Wood Look Tiles - Wood Effect Mosaic Tiles

Wood Look Mosaic Tiles makes the application of wood grain flooring no longer limited to the floor, and it also plays a significant role in the decoration of the wall. Let those who love the simple and natural wood style get the most satisfaction in the interior decoration with Mosaic Wood Effect Tiles. Natural wood look Mosaic Wall tiles with authentic wood grain and noticeable wood surface bring pure nature directly into your home. Whether kitchen, shower, bath or toilet - ceramic tiles with a noble wood decor give every room a natural warmth. You can lay Mosaic Wood Look Tiles on the walls in the bathroom or in the kitchen without any worries, as ceramic tiles are insensitive to moisture and moisture.

Features of Mosaic Wood Look Tile:
  • Features of Mosaic Wood Look Tile:
    • - Mosaic wood grain tiles are not only the best choice for artistic style walls, the decoration for some floors can also create a unique style.
    • Can design and customize a variety of shapes, graphics, patterns, so it is very versatile.
    • For daily maintenance, wipe with a rag and clean water. No waxing is required. Clean with water.
    • Low water absorption, does not penetrate any stains, and is not easy to mold.
    • Suitable for living room TV background wall, bedroom, bathroom, restaurant, hotel, and even outdoors.
Mosaic Wood Look Tiles

Profitable & Durable Wood Look Mosaic Tiles Wholesale

Shop cheap and top quality Wood Look Mosaic Tiles from China Top Wigs Wholesale Vendor! Hanse wood look mosaic tiles create unparalleled appearance and add value to your room, by combining the warm colors and grain of natural wood with the technically good properties of the tile. Our wood look mosaic tiles are durable, easy to maintain and, above all, more suitable for wall decoration in wet rooms such as bathroom, kitchen. Our wood effect mosaic floor tiles are predominantly made of sturdy porcelain stoneware which ensures a long service life. With our wood look mosaic tiles, you can protect yourself and your family from mold, which can arise from the constant moisture. We have not yet every wood mosaic tiles tile in the shop here - if you are interested in other tiles and need a custom order, just send your inquiry now.

  • Benefits of Hanse Mosaic Wood Tiles
    • Endless surface design, shapes, patterns, sizes and finishes available
    • Top quality always guaranteed for products in stock or custom OEM
    • Wide range choices for wall & floor in living room, bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor, etc.
    • Both competitive prices for in-stock Wood Mosaic Tiles tiles or custom production
    • Thoughtful and meticulous pre-sales and after-sales service
    • Reliable customized packaging and timely shipment.
Mosaic Wood Look Tiles

Where is suitable to apply wood look mosaic tiles?

The texture of hanse wood mosaic tiles is usually terracotta and ceramic tiles, and customers can choose from a variety of textures, colors and sizes. Its super practicality and decoration make it widely used in many environments. Below we list several main applications for your reference:

1. Living room background wall

If you love natural and simple style, adding wood grain mosaic background wall in the living room will definitely satisfy you, such as wood grain style TV, fireplace, sofa background wall.

2. Restaurant walls and floors

If you own a restaurant full of art, adding wood effect mosaics will add memorable and addictive beauty and comfort to it.

3. Bedroom wall and floor

In the application of wood grain mosaic tiles in the bedroom, not only inherited the practicability of traditional anti-strip wood grain tiles, but also added a personalized design.

4. Countertop and outdoor

It can be used for the overall decoration of bar counters, commercial counters, outdoor countertops, and balconies, giving the entire space a natural and lively beauty.

5. Swimming pool, bath center

The ceramic-textured wood mosaic tiles can even be used for the decoration of swimming pools and bath centres.

Mosaic Wood Look Tiles

FAQ For Wood Look Mosaic Tiles

How to calculate the number of tiles you need to buy for your project?

If the area you are paving is 5.5 square meters, then 5.5 square meters x per square meter usage = project required consumption

If the area you are paving is 5.5 square meters, then 5.5 square meters x per square meter usage = project required consumption

Our wood mosaic wall tiles are very resistant to stains and mildew, and are very easy to maintain and clean. You only need to wipe with a wrung wet towel, and you don't need to clean them frequently unless accidentally contaminated.

How to clean and maintain wood mosaic floor tiles?

Daily use a broom or vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and debris on the surface, and then use a wet mop to dry and sweep.

Mosaic Wood Look Tiles

How to remove stubborn stains on wood mosaic tiles?

  1. Tiles can usually be cleaned with detergent or soap.
  2. Use soap to add a small amount of ammonia and turpentine mixture to clean the tiles to make them more shiny.
  3. Polished tiles should be waxed at regular intervals, with an interval of 2-3 months.
  4. If there are scratches on the brick surface, you can apply toothpaste on the scratches and wipe it with a dry cloth to correct it.
  5. The gap between the bricks and bricks can be cleaned from time to time with a decontamination paste, and then a layer of waterproofing agent can be applied to the gaps to prevent mold growth.
  6. Tea, coffee, beer, ice cream, oil and other pollutants use sodium hydroxide or potassium bicarbonate solution.
  7. Ink, cement and other pollutants use dilute solutions such as hydrochloric acid, nitric acid.
  8. Use special cleaners for paints, coatings and other pollutants.
  9. rust can be washed away with 2% oxalic acid solution, and then wiped with water.
Mosaic Wood Look Tiles

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