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White Wood Look Wall Tiles
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Why Choose White Wood Effect Tiles For Wall

As the tile with most classic and eternal color, white wood look tiles wall can give your room a cool look with realistic wood veins, it can match any other colors and styles, to create a vintage or contemporary design. White wood plank porcelain tile for wall will make the space more open and brighter, suitable for darker areas or where requires shine. The porcelain/ceramic wood look tiles in white color have a long lifespan with proper maintenance, and no scratching, damage or striking. Wood effect white tiles for wall/backsplash is in light shades, which shows a calm and clean quality, as well as its unique charming in the sophisticated environment, can be perfectly integrated with the living area, bedroom areas or washing area.

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White Wood Wall Tiles

White Wood Wall Tiles Ideas

Shabby chic space

Pick a whitewashed finish to create the appearance of real wood. Old, weathered wood transforms over time, so wood look backsplash tile with a whitewashed finish gives it that authentic look. This tile is often featured with distressed detailing so it looks as if it's been salvaged from an old building or barn.

European style luxury living room

The living room focuses on the design of furniture, beautiful white wood plank porcelain tiles wall and other aspects in details. The color matching takes the log color as the main tone, which highlights the European style luxury style of elegant style.

White Wood Wall Tiles
White Wood Wall Tiles

American rural style

The rural style house is decorated with beautiful wall with wood like tiles of white finish and beige sofas, match with dark wood furniture and rustic floor. Elegant and warm atmosphere spreads in every corner of the area.

Modern and clean

Install white color for a modern, clean look. Not all white wood look backsplash tile has to appear rustic. You can opt for gray, brown, or beige furniture to give a kitchen area or bathroom a more contemporary look while still enjoying the appearance of real wood on the walls.

White Wood Wall Tiles
White Wood Wall Tiles

White Wood Like Wall Tiles Selection Tips

  1. Observe the color and flatness. The clearer the color of the wall tiles with wood effect is, the better the quality is.
  2. The most important thing to choose white ceramic wood like tile for wall is to consider the quality problem. There are many standards to distinguish the quality of ceramic tile. It can be knocked. The clear and crisp sound indicates that the ceramic tile has high density, hardness and good quality.
  3. Use ruler or tape to measure the four sides and diagonals of wood tile, and check the size.
  4. Check the surface quality of the ceramic wood look white wall tile, you can use a hard object to scratch the glaze of the white tile that looks like wood to judge the surface hardness of the ceramic tile.
  5. The low water absorption of ceramic/porcelain wall tiles with wood look mean that the higher the internal stability of tile is, the more suitable it is for the space with high moisture such as bathroom and kitchen, and there will be no black spots on white wood tiles wall.
White Wood Wall Tiles

Buy White Wood Tiles For Wall - White Wood Look Tiles Manufacturer & Supplier is exploring popular and classic element in exterior and interior decoration to provide the hottest wood like tiles design, our white wood effect wall/backsplash tiles adopt real hardwood aesthetic and practical functions, adds the tough, waterproof, stain-resistant, anti-fade, easy to clean and durable features while keep the lifelike images, textures, and veins from nature. There natural appeal and environmental friendly characteristics enable them suitable for modern building. To produce more sustainable product, we'll export white wall tiles with wood look with the highest quality materials and standards at competitive prices.

Why Choose White Wood Grain Wall Tiles Hanse

  • Safe, healthy, and environmental friendly to use
  • Improved efficiency and skilled technology, decrease your budget
  • Rich, abundant realistic patterns bring natural rustic charming
  • Practicality, beauty, versatility, durability and stability
  • Can be mixed and matched to stunning effect whether in your home or business
White Wood Wall Tiles

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