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Geometric Floor Tiles
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Geometric Flooring Tiles - Geometric Tiles for Floor

Geometric floor tiles are applying the basic elements of building a variety of personalized spaces, simple points, lines and surfaces, to create personalized, fashionable and luxurious geometric flooring. The regular or irregular movement, iconic shapes, classic patterns and energetic designs of geometric tiles allow your space full of simple, fashionable, modern and international sense. There are a wide range of geometric shapes for your tiling, like rectangles, triangles, squares, polygons, hexagons, diamonds and pyramids. Geometric floor tiles are suitable for home, leisure and entertainment places, office, hotels, elevator rooms, libraries, museums, specialty stores, etc.

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Why Choose Geometric Tiles for Flooring

  • Balance you space with geometric pattern
  • Numerous possibilities with the combination of figures and design
  • Compatible with various surfaces throughout your room
  • Increase visual depth to your design
  • Rich in shapes, colors, materials and styles
geometric floor tiles

Geometric Floor Tile Designs & Ideas

Introduce pop colors:

If you want simple geometric patterns and designs to shine, utilize the tile color is a good option. Using color tiles is an inventive way to delineate space in an open floor and create amazing monochromatic look.

Play with patterns:

Pattern is the most striking feature of geometric tiles, different patterns can match well with each other, you can create distinct design with a selection of textures, shapes and colors.

geometric floor tiles
geometric floor tiles


If you are a minimalist enthusiast, you can apply one-tone color scheme, which makes the room look cool and clean, not visually chaotic, add personality at the same time.

Hexagon plus geometric pattern:

With hexagon as the base, irregular color modules are added to mix and match the varied design. The combination of two changeable elements is a test of creativity. If you want to create a personalized space, do not miss such a lively and playful combination, but it is more suitable for local paving, not large area.

geometric floor tiles
geometric floor tiles

Geometric Floor Tile Selection Tips - How to Choose Right Geometric Tiles for Flooring

  1. Installation area.Determine which areas of your home are ready to use tiles, draw detailed drawings with the size, and calculate the separate area of each area to be paved, including floor area, wall area, etc.
  2. Confirm the specification.Determine the specification according to the drawings of the laying area and common sizes of wall tiles and floor tiles, calculate the size of geometric tiles you needed.
  3. Calculate quantities.Calculate the total area of each tiling specification according, If possible, draw the installation drawing and determine the quantity of tiles required.
  4. Tiles styles and features.Choose an appropriate geometric floor tile style based on your building structure, decoration style and preferences, and know about the market prices, manufacturers and product features, like matte or polished surface finish, no-slip or water-resistance performance and shades.
geometric floor tiles

Cheap Geometric Floor Tiles - Designed Geometric Flooring Manufacturer in China is specialized in various floor tiles and wall tiles around 18 years, while maintaining the highest standards of original floor tiles types, we are keeping the pace with the latest trends. Our geometric floor tiles have varied and rich patterns, exquisite surface, popular and distinct design, guaranteed quality and cost-effective prices. With limitless combination of these geometric shapes and variations, the design possibilities are endless. Explore our geometric flooring tiles collection to find your ideal option. You can make a partial geometric tile decoration with a white background or match the whole house.

Our Range of Geometric Floor Tiles - Shapes, Sizes, Colors, Finishes, Applications

Hanse geometric floor tiles provides unique design, premium quality and multiple options. Customized specifications please contact us.

  • Shapes: rectangle, triangle, hexagon, mosaic, square, etc.
  • Colors: white, grey, black, yellow, green, red, pink, etc.
  • Sizes: 300 x 450, 300 x 600, 300 x 300, 600 x 600, 600 x 1200, 750 x 1500, 900 x 1800, 800 x 1600, 1200 x 1200, 1200 x 2400, 1600 x 3200, etc.
  • Finishes: matte, polished, glazed, glossy, textured, honed, unglazed, etc.
  • Applications: bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, exterior, etc.
  • Why Choose Hanse Geometric Floor Tiles
    • Extensive experience and accomplished workers
    • Daily production capability of 25,000 sqm of floor tiles
    • Strong air permeability, acid and alkali resistance
    • Various graphics, complete functions and stable performance
    • Ingenious sense of difference, individuality sense of breaking the balance
    • Fast turn-around time and reasonable prices
geometric floor tiles

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