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Terracotta Floor Tiles
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What Is Terracotta Floor Tiles

Terracotta Floor Tiles are known for their reddish-brown hue, which they get from the use of a certain sheer finish. They have a high porosity, can absorb a lot of water. They are therefore not weatherproof and should only be used indoors. Terracotta tiles are mainly offered unglazed. It should be noted that terracotta is one of the more sensitive materials, so proper care and cleaning is particularly important. The mixture of clays makes it possible to obtain different colors (brown, red, white, black, etc.). Firing is also a decisive step, which gives the tile its resistance and its more or less structured surface appearance.

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Terracotta Floor Tiles
Terracotta Floor Tiles

Terracotta Floor Tiles Create Old-worldly Fashion

Terracotta floor tiles are a beautiful combination of vermilion and brown tones, known for their earthy texture, abrasion resistance and durability. Terracotta floor tile is a kind of ceramic tile made by firing refined clay mixtures at high temperatures in a kiln. Terracotta floor tiles have been used in many industries for many centuries, giving the historic buildings an unparalleled charm. It is becoming more and more popular due to its outstanding architectural biology and attractive, warm appearance. Terra cotta floor tiles are perfect for your kitchen floor, outdoor areas, bedrooms, and greenhouses, and they are one of the few materials suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Advantages of Terracotta Floor Tiles
    • Toughness, durability and long-lasting
    • Warm texture, inviting and comfortable to walk on
    • Versatility, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
    • Resistant to mold, fungus and bacterial growth
Terracotta Floor Tiles

Wholesale Affordable & Classic Terracotta Floor Tiles

Hanse terracotta floor tiles combine authentic terracotta aesthetics with the best climate characteristics. Our unique clay mixture and baking process give Terracotta tiles excellent climate regulation. Through long-term practical testing of the material composition and firing temperature, the physical properties have been optimized to achieve a healthy living comfort. The power and beauty of the Hanse Terra Cotta Floor Tiles make it useful in a variety of scenes and settings of the building. Our antiqued, finished, and glazed terracotta floor tiles come in many shapes, sizes and styles. You can choose a modern or traditional design, depending on the decoration style and the look you want to achieve. What makes our terracotta floor tiles an ideal choice for flooring materials is the ability to add the classic and luxurious charm of old times to your home.

  • Benefits of Hanse Terracotta Floor Tiles
    • Hanse flooring is manufactured to high quality standards
    • Durable to withstand heavy foot traffic, and can be used for a long time
    • Moisture-proof, stain-proof, non-slip, non-fading, ideal for outdoor and indoor use
    • Wide ranges of shapes, patterns, designs, shades are available
    • Affordable prices and cost-effective custom productions
Terracotta Floor Tiles

Terracotta Floor Tiles Design Ideas For Different Applications

Terracotta Floor Tiles For Outdoor: Very resistant, it can be placed in places with high traffic, and is easy to clean with liquid black soap or any other mild detergent for floors. So terracotta floor tiles are particularly popular in the garden, as stony paths or for building terraces. Terracotta tiles, however, are very resistant to impact, excCept for large formats, but not at all to stains and humidity. In addition, because terracotta floor tiles have excellent weather resistance and frost resistance, they are widely used outdoors, for example, in parks, courtyards, sidewalks and other exterior places.

Terracotta Floor Tiles For Interior: Terracotta tile invites itself on the floor to create warm interiors, and blends with all interior styles, rustic or contemporary. Hanse terracotta floor tiles, by their authenticity, will bring warmth and charm in all styles of house. Natural and ecological, terracotta floor tiles are perfect for creating a classic or metropolitan atmosphere, depending on the color and finish you have selected. Glazed terracotta floor tile offers more shine and better resistance to humidity, it is therefore to be preferred in kitchens and bathrooms. For the living rooms, we opt more for unglazed terracotta floor tiles, rougher and more rustic.

Terracotta Floor Tiles

How to Clean & Protect Terracotta Floor Tiles?

To properly protect your terracotta floor, you must first clean the tiles. Once they are clean and dry, you can use:

  • Resin-based products. Apply by professionals, they are very effective, make the tiles shiny and do not change their color.
  • A treatment composed of oil-based oil-repellent saturators. It changes the appearance of the tiles and is easy to use.
  • A treatment with linseed oil mixed with turpentine. Lay layers on the floor tiles until they no longer absorb it.
  • Also remember to regularly clean your terracotta floor with fatty soap and a little liquid wax, diluted in water.

Our advice for a clean terracotta floor

  • Once a week, clean your floor with a mop and soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
  • Once a month, dilute three tablespoons of carnauba wax milk in 10 liters of hot water. Clean your floor then rinse with a damp mop.
Terracotta Floor Tiles

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