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Penny Floor Tiles
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  • Penny Floor Tile designs contain 4 colors, 3 finishes, 3 features and 1 sizes, 3 penny floor tiles in total.
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Penny Floor Tile

Penny Effect Tiles For Floor

Want to enjoy becoming rich with much money when your are taking shower, cooking or sleeping? Want to have good luck all day? Paving penny floor tiles in your house can be a great choice! Imagine the good fortune that will come your way if you install penny look ceramic tile in your bathroom or kitchen floor! While the penny tiles aren’t actually made from copper or metal, but made of ceramic, porcelain, stone or glass, the small circular tiles resemble your favorite fortuitous coin in size and shape.

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Best Ceramic Tiles That Looks Like Penny - Buy Cheap Penny Tiles Penny tiles

While porcelain is the most popular material, penny tiles can also be found in a range of other materials like glass, ceramic and stone. Penny tiles are known as a classic option that first graced many kitchens and bathrooms. As one of the most professional online ceramic floor tiles designer, manufacturer, supplier and factory, is committed to providing a wide range of penny ceramic floor tiles. Available in various colors, finishes and styles. Our classic penny round ceramic tiles offer unlimited design possibilities. Combine with other stone or ceramic field tiles for impressive installations.

  • Features:

    - Have a timeless appeal and are a perfect choice for any space new or old
    - Flexible enough to wrap seamlessly around curved objects
    - Non-slip surface that makes them great for high traffic and even wet areas
    - Unique appearance and premium quality
    - Environmental friendly and quality assurance

Penny Floor Tile

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